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Ulduar Release Overview

As we are patiently waiting for the Ulduar release on Classic WoW, this article will update you on how the newest classic raid will work on Warcraft Logs. Ulduar is a unique raid in terms of varying difficulties through hardmodes instead of normal or heroic. This means we have unique challenges to deal with in terms of handling progress, speedruns, parsing, and complete raids.

Combat Logging in Ulduar

As always with a new progress tier, we highly recommend you use multiple loggers for your raid to have a higher chance of capturing combat logs. We will not be able to verify progress or kills without working combat logs.

Learn how to log in our Getting Started article.


Read the full progress article for all information on progress handling.

Progress Points

We are doing progression points in Ulduar to handle the varying amounts of hardmodes throughout the raid. The optional bosses are not required, as we have never required optional bosses previously.

Flame Leviathan: 1-5 Points

Ignis the Furnace Master: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

Razorscale: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

XT-002 Deconstructor: 1 Point or 5 Points

The Assembly of Iron: 1, 3, or 5 Points

Kologarn: 1 Point

Auriaya: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

Freya: 1 (easy), or (3-5) Points

Thorim: 1 Point or 5 Points

Mimiron: 1 Point or 5 Points

Hodir: 1 Point or 5 Points

General Vezax: 1 Point or 5 Points

Yogg-Saron: 1-5 Points

Algalon the Observer: 5 Points

Full Completion

Defeating the Hardest Mode Assembly of Iron (Steelbreaker last), Yogg-0, and Algalon the Observer will award maximum progress points to the guild.

Parsing Rules

Downtime Removal

We have historically removed the downtime on some fights to not punish shorter kill times. Examples such as Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple had the downtime between boss phases removed. We are also implementing this on Mimiron intermissions and General Vezax hardmode (from 5% boss health to spawn of Saronite Animus).

All Star Points

With Hardmodes, we recognize the current ASP formula is lacking (from Sartharion testing). We will likely be changing the highest hardmode to 120-240 ASP, stay tuned for more details.


All Hardmodes rank higher than lower difficulties, similar to how Sartharion works.


Player 1 does 3k DPS on Hodir HM. Player 2 does 4k DPS on Hodir non-HM. Player 1 ranks higher as every HM parse ranks higher by default.

Boss Specific Changes

Read the full article on Ulduar Boss Parsing Rules to see all the boss specific changes.


We will have statistics only for the highest hardmodes of each boss.


Wipefestwill be supporting Classic for the first time in Ulduar! We are currently working on adding Ulduar support, and while it will likely not be ready for launch, it should be ready soon. Stay tuned for more details.

Speedrun Rules

Read the full speedrun rules in the Ulduar 10 man Speedrun Rules or Ulduar 25 man Speedrun Rules articles.

Titan Rune Dungeon Support

This will likely not be ready on release, but please join us on Discord to provide example logs and feedback as we are planning on supporting this.

Contact and Feedback

Thank you for reading the article. We rely on community contribution and feedback to support Classic. Join us on Discord to contribute, ask questions, or give feedback.

If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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