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Ulduar Boss Parsing Rules

This article will go through the various rules, banned items, and adds excluded from bosses in Ulduar on Warcraft Logs rankings.

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All Star Point Formula

The default All Star Point formula found in the Rankings and Parses article:

max(100 × (your dps / rank 1 dps), rank percentile) + 20 × (your dps / rank 1 dps)

Hardest Mode + Algalon formula:

max(100 × (your dps / rank 1 dps), rank percentile) + 140 × (your dps / rank 1 dps)

This is to incentivize and reward players for doing the hardest modes.

Downtime Removal

We have historically removed the downtime on some fights to not punish shorter kill times. Examples such as Reliquary of Souls in Black Temple had downtime between boss phases removed.

We are also implementing this on Phase 1 Razorscale, Mimiron intermissions, and General Vezax Hard Mode (from 5% boss health to the spawn of Saronite Animus). This means the time and damage done during the downtime are discounted from rankings.

Complete Raid

Complete Raid on Warcraft Logs means doing the full raid in one go. This has a clear starting point (death of Flame Leviathan) and ends when the last boss is killed. Currently, the complete raid end boss can be Algalon, Yogg, Ignis, or Razorscale.

Doing a Complete Raid reward you with Complete Raid parses. This includes Speed parses for Guilds, Boss Fight DPS, and Boss/Trash DPS parses for personal parses.

Boss Fight DPS

This is the parse for all boss encounter DPS combined, only counting kills. This requires you to do the full raid in one raid day.

Flame Leviathan and Hodir are excluded from this.

Boss and Trash DPS

This is the DPS parse for all boss + trash encounters combined, only counting kills. This requires you to do the full raid in one raid day. Everything is included for overall boss/trash, even excluded adds, and downtime is not factored in.

Flame Leviathan and Hodir are excluded from this.

Boss Changes

As always, all trash mobs are excluded from boss parsing. All Hard Modes rank higher than lower difficulties.


Player 1 does 3k DPS on Hodir HM. Player 2 does 4k DPS on Hodir non-HM. Player 1 ranks higher as every HM parse ranks higher by default.

Flame Leviathan

This boss is removed from character pages, All Star Points etc. It is still included in boss speed.

Ignis the Furnace Master

Only the killing blow on Iron Construct (ID: 33121) counts for damage parses.


Only Damage Done to Razorscale counts for parses, and Phase 1 is counted as Downtime.

XT-002 Deconstructor

Damage done to XM-024 Pummellers is excluded.

Only damage done to the Heart of the Deconstructor that dies on Hardmode counts.

The Assembly of Iron

Damage done to boss mobs before they heal up to full is excluded.

Damage done during Overwhelming Power is normalized.


Damage done to Rubble is excluded.

Damage done to Left Arm and Right Arm only counts if they die.


Damage done to Swarming Guardian is excluded.


There are no adjustments on this boss, all damage and adds count, but Hodir is removed from All Stars and Complete Raid.

Bringing Storm Power from Hodir to other bosses invalidates that boss kill + Complete Raids.


Phase 1 is removed, and only damage done to Thorim counts. Using Aura of Celerity invalidates the rankings on the boss and the Complete Raid (Speed, Boss Fight, and Boss/Trash) rankings.


Damage done to Freya before her last overheal is excluded.

Damage done to Detonating Lashers is capped at 1 million per player. Damage above this threshold is excluded.


Downtime is removed during phase transitions.

General Vezax

On Hardmode only: Downtime and damage done between General Vezax reaching 5% health for the first time and Saronite Animus (ID: 33524) spawning is removed.

General Vezax is removed from Damage ASP.


There are no adjustments on this boss, all damage and adds count. Overkill damage is obviously excluded, as that is excluded from everything by default.


Damage done to Living Constellation, Dark Matter, and Unleashed Dark Matter is excluded.


Externals Cap

On Retail, we've added an Externals Cap. This is also implemented for Power Infusion in Classic.

This means you will only be able to get Power Infusion from the equivalent of one priest. The number of externals received cannot exceed the number which could be given to one individual by one partner. However, you may receive each buff from more than one player, so long as the number of buffs you receive remains under the cap.

Any parses that break these restrictions will not be ranked.

World Buffs

A majority of world buffs, such as:

and more are banned.

Battle Squawk / Battle Chicken

Battle Squawk from Battle Chicken is banned. This buff will invalidate your boss parse and complete raid parse.

Fishliver Oil, Light of Elune, and More

We will be stricter on one-time use items such as Fishliver Oil and other quest items. These items are banned for parsing, but they are fine to use for progress guild ranks.


We have some other rules that invalidate logs.

Life Tap

Excessively life tapping to pad healing parses will invalidate your kill.

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