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Ulduar Progress Rules

This article will outline the progression requirements for Ulduar on Warcraft Logs. Ulduar is a unique raid, with bosses having various hardmodes instead of different difficulties. This means we will have some unique challenges in handling Ulduar.

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We highly recommend having multiple loggers for your guild in case of disconnects, user errors, releases, or general bugs. This is especially important for progress, as we will not be able to validate your kills without working combat logs.

Progress Points

We are implementing a Progress Points system to track progress in Ulduar. This system will allow us to combine various hardmodes, and track guilds' progress throughout the weeks.

Full Completion

Optional bosses (Ignis/Razorscale/Auriaya) are not required for full points, and some Hardmodes (FL, XT, General Vezax) are also not required for full progress points if you kill Yogg0+Algalon.

Defeating the Hardest Mode Assembly of Iron (Steelbreaker last), Yogg-0, and Algalon the Observer will award maximum points to the guild.

Point Distribution

Flame Leviathan: 1-5 Points

Ignis the Furnace Master: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

Razorscale: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

XT-002 Deconstructor: 1 Point or 5 Points

The Assembly of Iron: 1, 3, or 5 Points

Kologarn: 1 Point

Auriaya: 1 Point - OPTIONAL

Freya: 1 (easy), or (3-5) Points

Thorim: 1 Point or 5 Points

Mimiron: 1 Point or 5 Points

Hodir: 1 Point or 5 Points

General Vezax: 1 Point or 5 Points

Yogg-Saron: 1-5 Points

Algalon the Observer: 5 Points


These rules are for the top 50 or the duration of first reset (whichever happens first).

10 Player Progression Rules

  • Maximum of 19 unique characters allowed per raid group.

25 Player Progression Rules

  • Maximum of 49 unique characters allowed per raid group.

If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please join our Discord to discuss with us directly.

If you suspect anyone of not following the rules - please report the logs to


Are these the final rules?

Likely yes, but we are open to discussing further on Discord.

Can we still have two raid groups play on release?

Yes, but you'll need one group to fully clear to count for the top 50 ranks (assuming you clear in the first week).

It is also recommended to use raid teams under a main guild instead of logging to the same guild. Find out how to set up a raid team in our raid team support article.

Can we use X item, Y buff, etc on progress?

Yes, generally anything goes for progress, you might lose your personal rankings, but progress rankings are generally fine. Join us on Discord if you have specific questions.

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