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At the heart of our mission lies a passion for creating cutting-edge products tailored for the ultimate MMO experience. Elevate your combat analysis and gameplay experience. Forge your path to gaming mastery with Archon.

Meet the Team

Our story started with just one individual, but by joining forces with several accomplished developers from different domains, we've created a remarkable and talented team.

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AzraelCommunity & Support
PitCommunity & Support
KatskratchesCommunity & Content Manager
VelCommunity & Content Manager

Passionate Team

As avid gamers ourselves, we're deeply connected to the gaming industry. With diverse backgrounds spanning from developers to esports enthusiasts, our simple love for gaming drives our commitment to improving the gaming experience— for everyone.

Product Focused

We are a product-focused team deeply committed to delivering an exceptional user experience. Our goal is to offer gamers and enthusiasts user-friendly, yet powerful tools that help them excel in their adventures.

Fully Remote

As a fully remote team scattered across the globe, we've cultivated a truly unique company culture. Our diverse backgrounds and global perspectives enrich our collective creativity, driving us to craft innovative gaming solutions for players worldwide.