World of Warcraft Season of Discovery

RaidTier Lists

Raid tier lists, ranked by multiple metrics to show the strengths and weaknesses of different specs.
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  1. The patch just released and we don't have enough logs yet. Come back later!
  2. We just partitioned. There'll be new data soon!
  3. The encounter you're looking at doesn't have enough kills yet.

Specs & RolesMeta Builds

Meta builds for every spec, showing you the most popular ways to play.
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    Find the most popular gear

World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery has been a huge hit. Players love Blizzard's idea of taking the old game world and infusing it with extra features like runes and level-up raids. Archon has supported SoD from the start and will continue to support it as each new phase unlocks.

Some of our tooling revolves around uploading combat logs to Warcraft Logs and then using the data from those logs to fuel powerful analytics, rankings, and statistics that can help you master the game.