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Help - February 20, 2024
Gnomeregan Speedrun Rules
Read about the Gnomeregan Speedrun Rules on Warcraft Logs.
Help - February 20, 2024
SoD Gnomeregan Parsing Rules
A collection of the boss changes, rules, and banned buffs/items for Gnomeregan on Warcraft Logs Classic.
Help - January 9, 2024
Season of Discovery Spec Detection and Rules
Find out about how to we determine specialization in Season of Discovery on Warcraft Logs Vanilla.
News - July 19, 2022
Multiple Report Analysis
Find out how to analyze several hundred pulls from different reports with the new Warcraft Logs Season of Discovery' Multiple Report Analysis subscriber feature.
Recent Articles
News - January 31, 2024
SoD Phase 1: Reflections & Lessons Learned
A write-up on thoughts surrounding SoD Phase 1 on WCL and changes going into Phase 2.
Help - December 19, 2023
Blackfathom Deeps Speedrun Rules
Learn more about the Blackfathom Deeps Speedrun rules on Warcraft Logs.
News - December 18, 2023
Season of Discovery on Warcraft Logs
Read more about Season of Discovery on Warcraft Logs in this article.
Help - December 14, 2023
Archon: Disclaimers & FAQ
This article will go through some of the caveats, and things we think you should be aware of while using Archon, Build Guides, and Tier Lists.