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Getting Started

Welcome to Warcraft Logs Classic!

This article will help you get familiarized with the website, how to start logging in-game, and how to upload your logs. This process is very simple, but make sure you follow every step.

Account Setup

To upload logs to the site, you will need to create an account. Make sure to use a valid email as we verify your account via an activation email. If you can't see the email, make sure to check your spam folder.

Classic users must claim your characters via the Blizzard Forums or by uploading a log by that character. As there is no Armory or API for Classic, you need to update your forum activity on the Character you want to claim. There are details on the linked page.

Please note that the character has to exist on Warcraft Logs (by having a log uploaded with it) before you can claim it.

In-game Settings

Advanced Combat Logging

Before any logging in World of Warcraft, you need to make sure Advanced Combat Logging is enabled in your Network settings. This is required in order for logs to be accepted on the site.

To turn this on, you need to go to your Systems -> Network settings in World of Warcraft. There is a toggle for 'Advanced Combat Logging' which needs to be enabled.

Advanced Combat Logging must be turned on before you do any logging!

Enabling Combat Logging

Once Advanced Combat Logging is enabled, all you have to do to start logging is type /combatlog in-game.

This is an in-game toggle that makes the game write all the combat events in a file called WoWCombatLog.txt. This file can be found in the Logs folder in your WoW folder. You need to do this every time you log on and want to combat log, as it gets disabled on logouts, disconnects, and by exiting the game. Addons can help you with this, more information on that below.

Once you are done logging, you can write /combatlog again to disable it or turn it off by logging off or exiting the game.

Uploading Logs

Log Uploader Clients

In order to upload logs to the website, you need to use a client application. We have two options, either the Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader or the Overwolf Companion app.

The Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader is a simpler version, which requires very little setup. Read more about the Uploader in our help article.

The Companion app is more in-depth and offers more features, such as an in-game overlay. Read more about the Companion app here.

If you have any issues getting the application to launch or install, you can either go to the forums to see if anyone has encountered the same issue, or join our Discord for help.

Uploading to the Website

There are two ways to log. The first option is to upload the entire log file after you are done with the content you wish to upload. The second way is what we call live logging. When you live log, the client monitors the log file and uploads any new fights instantly to the website.

When you upload logs, you have two choices of where they go. Every user gets a personal log space, where you can always upload. The second option is to your specific guild's logs. When you do this, everyone in the guild will be able to see the logs. This is a shared space for every guild member.


Is Warcraft Logs Classic Safe?

Warcraft Logs Classic simply takes raw combat log data and organizes it into a neat, visual format to allow you to analyze your performance. Processing your data this way is perfectly safe!

I turned logging on and am hitting a target dummy, but nothing is being written to that file! What gives?

Outside of raids, the combat log file is only written to when a certain number of events have been generated. This means it can be very slow to update if you are just doing solo content out in the world.

Are there add-ons to help me with combat logging?

Yes, you can use addons such as Loggerhead or MRT to have logging toggled automatically in all kinds of loggable content.

Do note however that some addons will not reliably work in all kinds of content such as BigWigs, which turns logging off when you defeat a boss in Mythic+ dungeons. DBM is in a similar place, turning logging on too late which leads to missing events, such as a Mythic+ key starting or pet summons missing so they can't be connected to their owner.

To reduce possible logging issues, try to have only one addon control your logging behaviour.

If possible we always recommend that you log the entire raid night. Do not leave trash and events that occur outside of the combat out of the log.

Where Can I Find the Log File?

You can find the raw log file in by first locating the World of Warcraft file. You'll want to go into the correct game version. Here, there is a Log folder, and you will find your recent logs inside.

Contact Us

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