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Creating a New Guild

Guild Creation

Within the drop down menu located at the top right of the site, you will find the Create a Guild or Team button. Here, you can enter your guild information and create it. You will want to choose Guild as the type. Be sure the guild name is an exact match to the in-game guild name, including capitalization. The guild can then be accessed in the same drop down menu, above your characters.

Mistakes in Guild Creation

If you make an error in your guild creation (incorrect name, wrong faction, etc.) and need to create another guild, you can edit the settings in the Settings tab under the Edit Guild/Team Information section. Or if you feel it’s necessary, you can delete the guild and start over. Leaving the guild without deleting it will block the name and prevent any adjustments from being made, creating guild registration issues.

If you accidentally left a guild without deleting it and need assistance, you can contact support by emailing Make sure you include the guild name and the server name in your request.

Guild Code

When creating a guild you will also be provided with a Guild Code. Be sure to write this code down somewhere, its important not to lose it! The code will be used to invite people to your guild when using manual management. This code can also be found in the Settings menu in the Auto-Join Link Section.

My Guild Name is Already Taken

If you find that your guild name is already taken on the site, it may mean that an old inactive guild holds the name, or someone else made an error in their guild creation. You can create a ticket to resolve this issue by emailing In your request, include your Warcraft Logs Classic username, your character name, the guild name and the name of the server, as well as an in-game screen shot showing your character’s guild rank.

How to Create a Team

Some guilds may host more than one raid team. To create a team, click on the Create a Guild or Team button in the drop down located at the top right of your screen. Here, you can enter the necessary information. Be sure the Type is set to Raid/Mythic+ Team. Once created, this new team can be parented into the hosting guild in the settings.

Guild Management Settings

Roster Management

  • Manual management requires applicants to join the guild using an auto-join code or URL, found in the guild settings. The Guild Master or an Officer must provide this to the applicant. Manual management allows a default rank to be set for new applicants-- if this rank is member or above, they will immediately be given access. If this rank is applicant, the GM or an officer must manually approve the applicant by promoting them to the rank of member or above.

This can be changed in the guild settings under Roster Management Style.

Stealth Mode

A guild who private logs may wish to enable Stealth Mode. This will prevent any personal logs of guild runs that are uploaded by guild members from ranking. This mode ensures that people who leave the guild cannot expose the guild's private logs.

If you were part of an PUG and your logs are prevented from ranking due to this, it is because a majority of the group members were from guild with Stealth Mode enabled. We cannot override this.

Guild Changes

Renaming a Guild

You can change a guild’s name in the settings, under Edit Guild Information.

Transferring Ownership

Guild Master can be passed to another member in the guild's settings. If there is something preventing this (for example, the GM quit the game, etc.) then you should contact support by emailing Please be sure to provide an in-game screenshot showing you as the GM.

Guild Realm or Faction Transfers

If you and your guildmates are looking to pack up and move somewhere new, it is advised that you create a new guild on the new server and leave the old one alone. While we can move some aspects of your guild and logs, server specific rankings such as speed and execution and current progress will not be moved, as they were not achieved on the new realm.

If you do not care about losing these rankings, you can change the guild information in the settings.

Leaving a Guild

What Happens to my Logs and Rankings?

When you leave a guild that private logged, you will lose access to viewing the logs once you are removed from the guild on the site. You cannot turn your own logs from that guild public.

If the logs were public, you will not lose access.

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