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Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader

In order to upload log files to Warcraft Logs Classic, you'll need to install one of our client applications. This article will go through the features and how to use the Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader client. Go here if you are looking for help on the Companion App instead.

Download your uploader here.

Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader

The Warcraft Logs Classic Uploader is an Electron application. We have recently rewritten this app to open for technical improvements and prepare for exciting features in the future. This also means the new uploader has some quality of life improvements and we're excited to share it with you.

Make sure to join us on Discord if you have any questions or feedback.

How to Upload Logs

To first get started on uploading logs, make sure you've followed our Getting Started guide and have your account set up.

Then download your uploader, start the program, and log in to your account.

There are also various dropdown settings that decide when you want to either live log or upload a log. This decides where to upload the log.

The first one picks between a Personal log or a Guild log. Every account has their own personal logs, but you can also upload and share to a Guild.

The second setting is the Region. Make sure to pick the correct region for your log, or you will not be able to rank your log.

The last setting is the visibility of the log. A public log means anyone can access the log, and it ranks publicly. Unlisted means anyone with a direct link to the log can access it. A private log means only the uploader can access it if it's a personal log or only members of the guild can access it if uploaded to a guild.

You can also select which World of Warcraft game to upload to. Make sure you select the correct one, or you will not be able to parse.

Select Dragonflight to upload retail logs from the live servers. If you are playing on the PTR, select the PTR option.

To upload WoTLK logs, select Wrath. You also need to pick Wrath to upload PTR logs from WoTLK.

Vanilla, SoM, and Era logs go to 'Vanilla'. This is also true for the Vanilla PTR logs.

Live Log

Once logged in, you'll see the 'Live Log' tab at the top. This is one of the ways to upload logs. Live logging will read the log text file while the game is writing to it, and upload any changes after combat ends. This way, you will be able to view the log report while you are playing.

To live log, you will need to select your combat log folder. When selecting a folder, you will not see any of the files within it. This is because we are only looking at the folder, and the changes made to the files in it, and not specific files.

Make sure you select the correct folder for the program to monitor while you are logging!

Live Log Options

'Include the Entire File in the Report' - This option will include the latest combat log file, and then upload future changes to files in your log folder as you are livelogging. This is a good option to enable if you start your combat log, but forget to start the live log.

'Enable Real-Time Uploading' - This option makes changes upload in real-time instead of waiting for the end of combat. This can enable players outside of the raid to view the logs in near real-time for e.g. analyzing purposes. Note: This feature requires you to be in a guild with Competition Mode enabled.

Upload a Log

You can pick a specific combat log to upload in the 'Upload a Log' tab. This way uploads the fight information after you're done playing.

Select Specific Fights

You can also enable the 'Select Specific Fights to Upload' option. This will read the combat file, and let you filter which fights you want to include in your upload.

This will scan the combat log and find all the various fights.

With this UI you can select the fights you want to include. There is also an option to show Trash Fights.

You can either select/deselect all with the options at the bottom, click each fight individually, or Shift+Drag to select/deselect multiple at once.

Split a Log

This option is used when you have a huge combat log that spans multiple days. This will split that into individual sessions, one for each day.

This is no longer frequently used as games such as World of Warcraft automatically splits the combat log into individual files per day or per session.

Uploader Settings

The settings tab has some of the newer features for the Electron Uploader.

'Call a Wipe' lets you set a keybind to send an event calling a wipe. You can then use this event to filter out events after the wipe has been called when you are analyzing the report.

Make sure this keybind has a modifier! (E.g.Ctrl, Alt, Shift)!

You can then use this setting in your uploaded log to ignore events after a called wipe.

Contact Us

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Please join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions.

Follow our Twitter for updates!

If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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