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Event Partnerships

Are you hosting a Star Wars: The Old Republic event? We would love to hear more. Promoting community driven efforts in the Star Wars: The Old Republic event and charity drive space is important to us.

As a data analysis website, we aim to turn complex combat information into a useful and easy to digest format for creators and viewers alike. Part of this goal is to improve and enhance the Star Wars: The Old Republic event space by providing data, promotion and tools for various events.

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What Can SWTOR Logs Provide?

Event Promotion

We are able to help promote your competition or charity event using SWTOR Logs' media outlets, as well as the main site.

Front Page Embeds

Any partnered events will be displayed on the front page of the site within a tile of its own. This tile can include the main stream (or a rotation of chosen streams), an event description, relevant links, and leaderboard information.

Competition Pages

Participating Guilds can have individual competition pages on SWTOR Logs for their fans to view the event. Players are able to hook their Twitch stream to their SWTOR Logs account and their POV will also be available on this page, if they are streaming.

Each individual Guild competition page can also display a main event stream, allowing it to be accessed from there as well.

Social Media Promotions

Prior to and during the event, our media team can post promotional information on Twitter and Discord.

During the event, custom graphics can be provided. These are great data breakdowns to post on social media or to display on stream for casters to chat about.

Example of Pieces' graph

Example of Sanctum of Domination RWF Total Pull Graph

Stream Enhancements and Visuals

SWTOR Logs offers a variety of resources and tools that can help enhance your livestream, such as:

  • Widgets
    • Progression Tiles
    • Encounter Summary Graphs
    • Composition and Gear
    • Leaderboards
  • Latest Update Tracking
  • Nightbot Support
  • Accessible API Data

Read more about these resources and view examples here.

Previous Partnerships and Events

We are extremely proud and excited to uplift and participate in past and future events and tournaments. Below are some examples of previous events.

  • World of Warcraft: Race to World First
    • Individual production partnerships were formed with guilds. We helped provide personalized stream assets and widgets to each.
  • FFXIV: Race to World First
  • Raid Masters: Naxxramas Speedrun
  • NetEase Classic PVP Tournament
  • BDGG Girls Who Code Charity Event
  • and more!

Partnership Request Contact Information

Planning an event of your own? Get in touch! We would love to see if SWTOR Logs could be a good fit– let's work together!

Contact us by emailing!

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