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How to Remove Ads on Archon

Ad-free viewing is a perk for any of our Patreon supporters. Read on to learn more.

How to Remove Ads

Step 1: Subscribe to One of Our Patreons

Supporting us on any our sites' Patreons will allow you to remove ads on The following four subscriptions are all accepted:

Step 2: If Your Patreon and Logs Emails are Different, Refresh Your Status

If your emails don't match, we can't make the connection to provide your subscriber benefits. Use the "refresh your status" button found on your profile to help us make the connection.

Step 3: If You're Already Signed in to Archon, Sign Out

Sign out of Archon in the user settings.

Step 4: Sign Into Archon

After following these steps and signing in, you should no longer see ads.

Contact Us

As always, we love to hear your feedback - send us an email at!

Please feel free to also join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions, and follow our Twitter for updates!

Remove Ads