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Spot-Based Recruitment

FF Logs has made a new change to our Recruitment feature. Guilds may now search for players using a new Spot-Based recruitment style!

Spot-Based Recruitment

Our previous system let you specify any specs that you needed and the priority for those specs. The new spot-based system lets you group these specs into raid spots and attach descriptions and quantities.

For example, you could say you have room for 2 healers, but would prefer a Mistweaver or a Holy Priest:

Or you can use the description to more accurately specify your needs (such as looking for a player that can play 2 roles):

Or simply that you are looking for anyone exceptional:

How to Create Spots

You can create a new recruitment spot for your guild using the guild looking for players section. Scroll to the recruitment section and click "Add spot". Here, you can define the number of spots for a role, which specs you are looking for to fill that role, and how much you need that spec.

When you are finished, click "Save changes". You may add another spot by repeating this process.

Does my Guild Have to Relist Our Recruitment Needs?

Your previous recruitment listings have been migrated to this new system automatically. No action is needed on the guild's end. However, if you wish to use the new spot-based system to be more specific about your needs, you will need to redo your recruitment listings.

What Else Has Changed?

With this spot-based system, there is no change in search functionality. A guild's player search results will stay the same. A player searching for a guild will also see the same guild results as they had previously. The main benefit of this change is to allow guilds to be clearer with what they are searching for.

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