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FF Logs Recruitment

FF Logs is excited to announce the release of something that has been in the works for months: our new recruitment feature!


Players will now be able to list themselves as looking for a static, and statics can list themselves as looking for players. This will allow statics and players to match using their chosen preferences (e.g. schedule, jobs, roles) for easier static recruitment.

Static Looking for Players

The first new feature in this release is Static Looking for Players. This will allow Statics to easily search for players that fit their filter criteria. We have also added implemented filters, such as Best Historical Percent, Median Historical Percent and All Star Percent, to allow you to narrow your search results.

These will also show from the character's private logs.

Read more about this feature on the Recruitment Help: Guild Looking for Players page.

Players Looking for Static

Users can list their claimed characters for Looking for Static either through their profile or on the Recruitment page. Setting up your availability, class, spec, language and more will filter you to only match the statics that fit your criteria and statics that are also looking for you.

Read more about this feature on the Recruitment Help: Players Looking for Guild page.

Future Plans

This is a new feature for Final Fantasy and we plan to keep a close eye on things to see what we can improve. In the coming weeks we hope to tweak this feature into the best it can be!

Good luck with your recruiting!

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