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Wrath of the Lich King Update

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King approaching, there's a number of decisions and changes coming to Warcraft Logs Classic.

This article will hopefully answer most of your questions going into WotLK, but if you have any unanswered questions after this, please join our Discord and we'll be happy to help you with any inquiries you might have.


We will have a separate partition for pre-patch. Partition happens with weekly reset in each region.

Death Knights will be able to rank and their spec will be determined only by talent point distribution.

Combined Zone & Progress Rules

We have combined Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum (Sartharion) and Eye of Eternity (Malygos) into one raid zone. View beta logs from these raids here.

This means we will have a combined progression rank and restrictions to prevent multiple raid groups acquiring the combined rank.

Draft Combined Progression Rules

Read the full article on Combined Progression Rules.

Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to allow for competitive and fair progression rankings. If you have feedback, questions or concerns, please join our Discord to discuss with us directly.



10 Player Progression Rules DRAFT

  • Maximum of 11 unique characters allowed per raid group.
  • All bosses must be killed.
  • You need to enter fresh raid instances. Having someone else pre-clear trash or skip ahead to summon while you're in the other raid is not allowed.

25 Player Progression Rules DRAFT

  • Maximum of 27 unique characters allowed per raid group.
  • All bosses must be killed.
  • You need to enter fresh raid instances. Having someone else pre-clear trash or skip ahead to summon while you're in the other raid is not allowed.

We will review the first 50 guilds that completed progress. If you are found to be breaking these rules, your progress might get invalidated. If you suspect anyone of not following the rules - please report the logs and potential videos to and we will investigate.

We highly recommend you save videos of your progress raid to prove you followed the requirements, as we might invalidate based on video evidence or lack thereof.

Naxxramas Trash Requirement Drafts

We are planning on changing our speedrun rules and requirement philosophy to be more strict to prevent preclearing. Previous requirements have attempted to cater to a wider audience, and this has led to unintended loopholes in the requirements that we have had to spend significant amounts of time reviewing and correcting.

This means a more standard route might not complete trash requirements and lead to missing Boss/Trash ranks. Please have a look at the requirements if you are after a boss/trash complete raid rank.

We are also implementing a rule that the starting point mob has to be in the first 10 seconds of combat.

The current trash requirement drafts can be found on Discord in the #wrath-raid-rules channel pins or in the Naxxramas 10 Player Speedrun Rules and Naxxramas 25 Player Speedrun Rules articles.

Naxxramas Boss Changes

There's a number of restrictions to boss parsing in Naxxramas. Read the full article on Naxxramas Parsing Rules.

As usual, all trash mobs are excluded from boss parsing.


Damage to Zombie Chow is excluded.


Crit debuff from spores (ID: 29232) is not allowed on other bosses.


Damage to Corpse Scarabs is excluded.

Grand Widow Faerlina

Damage to Naxxramas Worshippers is excluded in the table below.

Instructor Razuvious

Damage to Deathknight Understudies is excluded.

Gothik the Harvester

Gothik is excluded from All Stars and from Complete Raids boss ranks.


Phase 1 is excluded from the encounter, similar to Vanilla Naxxramas. Damage to Unstoppable Abomination, Soldier of the Frozen Wastes and Guardian of Icecrown is excluded.

Tricks of the Trade / Unholy Frenzy

We are attributing Tricks of the Trade and Unholy Frenzy to an NPC in the log instead of the source (the rogue/dk) or the target (whoever is buffed). This will include snapshots.

Banned Items and Buffs

There will be an article on banned items and invalid logs in WotLK, similar to the TBC Invalidated Logs article. Please let us know if we're missing anything.

Fishliver Oil, Light of Elune and More

We are going to be stricter on use of one use items such as Fishliver Oil and other quest items. These items are banned for parsing, but they are fine to use for progress ranks.

Battle Squawk / Chicken

We are keeping the Battle Squawk ban. This buff will invalidate your boss parse and complete raid parse.

Spec Detection

We are not keeping Smite/Dreamstate in WotLK.

For tank specializations, we found the tank damage taken requirements were a success and we want to continue this in Wrath. If you wish to contribute to this discussion, join our Discord and check out the #wrath-spec-discussion channel.

The Damage Taken requirements as seen in the TBC Spec Definition article were mostly a community effort to properly determine Main and Off tank specs, and pure DPS in tank specs. The intention was more fair and accurate parsing with people doing the same role as you.

For Wrath, we are thinking about having one tank DK spec which is determined based on Damage Taken requirements, in addition to Blood, Frost and Unholy specs. Join in the discussion if you have any other ideas!

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