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Naxxramas 10 Player Speedrun Rules

The below requirements are needed to get a Complete Raid ranking for Naxxramas 10, which includes Boss/Trash and Speed rankings.

All bosses are required for a complete raid. It is recommended to have multiple people combat logging in case of disconnects, releases and general bugs.

Swap Restrictions

There is a 1 minute speed penalty per character swap.

Time Penalty

Instead of having 'Without Skips' and 'With Skips' categories, we're implementing time penalty for missed mob requirements. The time penalty for format: [# to kill] [name] (id)

If a raid partly misses the trash requirements it will face a time penalty, which is 300s / [mob type count] for each missed mob.

Example: You need to kill 10 bears in a raid, but you only killed 9. That means your complete raid time gets a time penalty of 300s/10 = 30s. If you only killed 8 bears then 60s get added to the complete raid time and so on.

Boss Parsing Rules

Please keep in mind that the crit debuff from spores on Loatheb (ID: 29232) is not allowed on other bosses. This will invalidate the rankings on the boss it is used on and the Complete Raid (Speed, Boss Fight and Boss/Trash) rankings. You are allowed to use this on trash.

Check the full Naxxramas Parsing Rules article for info on more boss restrictions.

Starting Points

The speedrun starts with the first combat of the below mob:

  • Poisonous Skitterer (ID: 15977)
  • Dread Creeper (ID: 15974)
  • Patchwork Golem (ID: 16017)
  • Death Knight (ID: 16146)
  • Shades of Naxxramas (ID: 16164)
  • Plague Slime (ID: 16243)
  • Stoneskin Gargoyle (ID: 16168)

Note: One of the above mobs NEEDS to be present within the first 10 seconds of the combat.

Killing Kel'thuzad finishes your run. You cannot validate your run by killing trash after he is defeated.

Trash Requirements

We are changing our approach to trash requirements in WotLK to strictly prevent pre-clearing. Any trash that is accessible before the first boss is engaged is required. Trash after the first boss has been defeated (and isn't accessible from the start) is required if it's in the raid's path at any point, be it stationary or patrolling mobs. If there are multiple paths the raid can take, then require the number of trash that is part of the route with the highest amount of trash mobs.

Spider Quarter

  • 88 Poisonous Skitterer (ID: 15977)
  • 10 Venom Stalker (ID: 15976)
  • 14 Dread Creeper (ID: 15974)
  • 13 Carrion Spinner (ID: 15975)
  • 1 Crypt Reaver (ID: 15978)
  • 32 Naxxramas Cultist/Naxxramas Acolyte (ID: 15980/15981)
  • 4 Tomb Horror (ID: 15979)

Construct Quarter

  • 7 Patchwork Golem (ID: 16017)
  • 11 Bile Retcher/Sludge Belcher (ID: 16018/16029)
  • 16 Embalming Slime (ID: 16024)
  • 3 Living Monstroslty (ID: 16021)
  • 6 Mad Scientist (ID: 16020)
  • 9 Surgical Assistant (ID: 16022)
  • 6 Stitched Giant (ID: 16025)
  • 3 Stitched Colossus (ID: 30071)
  • 10 Marauding Geist (ID: 30083)

Military Quarter

  • 14 Death Knight Captain (ID: 16145)
  • 21 Death Knight (ID: 16146)
  • 19 Dark Touched Warrior (ID: 16156)
  • 4 Skeletal Smith (ID: 16193)
  • 3 Shades of Naxxramas (ID: 16164)
  • 6 Necro Knight (ID: 16165)
  • 11 Death Knight Cavalier (ID: 16163)
  • 10 Unholy Axe/Swords/Staff (ID: 16194/16215/16216)

Plague Quarter

  • 6 Stoneskin Gargoyle (ID: 16168)
  • 6 Plague Slime (ID: 16243)
  • 6 Infectious Ghoul (ID: 16244)
  • 2 Plague Beast (ID: 16034)
  • 10 Frenzied Bat (ID: 16036)
  • 10 Plagued Bat (ID: 16037)
  • 20 Eye Stalk/Diseased Maggot/Rotting Maggot (ID: 16236, 16056, 16057)






Useful tools

WeakAura for tracking requirements in-game by Shariva.

Validation Spreadsheet - to validate your runs by Shariva.

Join the Warcraft Logs Classic Discord if you have any questions or feedback.

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