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TBC Invalidated Logs

There are multiple reasons why your log might have gotten invalidated or blacklisted from rankings on Warcraft Logs. This includes intentional abuse, banned items or buffs, and also various log bugs. This article will go over the reasons why your log might be invalidated or blacklisted, and how to find the reason in the log report. You can also read more about our Ranking Policies in our Rankings and Parses article.


Most of the rules are created by community feedback and polls and aim to create a more fair environment for parsing. Please join our Discord if you wish to join the discussions or have any questions.

Battle Squawk

Battle Squawk is the buff from Engineering's Gnomish Battle Chicken trinket. It was banned after Blizzard changed the interaction where you could intentionally proc it and that made it incredibly RNG. A poll was created to see what the community wanted, and banning chickens won by a large majority.

Using Battle Squawk will lead to your log having a red background on the rankings page, which looks like this:

You can find Battle Squawk in the Buffs category of a log. If you go to the Events view, you will also see who spawned the chicken.

Mr Pinchy

The Sunder Armor debuff from the Benevolent Mr. Pinchy is banned and will get your log blacklisted when reported.

Life Tap

Having Warlocks spam Life Tap to pad HPS parses is banned. This will mark any kill invalid. The exact rules on this will not be public. You can check for excessive life tap use by looking at Casts and selecting Life Tap.

Unholy Frenzy

Mind Controlling Shadowy Necromancers in Mount Hyjal to buff Unholy Frenzy is banned for parsing on bosses. This is allowed to use on trash, but seeing the buff used on boss fights will invalidate your ranks.

You can find Unholy Frenzy under Buffs.

Blazing Haste

Mages spellstealing Haste from Amani'shi Flame Caster's in Zul'Aman and using it on boss fights will invalidate your ranks.

This can also be found under Buffs.

Incite Frenzy

Using Mind Control to buff Incite Frenzy for boss fights in Zul'Aman is not allowed and will invalidate your ranks.

Bloodlust / Heroism Cooldown Resets

Using Arena or similar to reset cooldown on Bloodlust/Heroism will invalidate your complete raid speed.

Light of Elune

Light of Elune is banned and will lead to your logs being blacklisted.

Combat Log Bugs

There are also some in game combat log bugs that can lead to invalid or blacklisted logs. The most common one in Black Temple and Mount Hyjal is a new ENCOUNTER_END and ENCOUNTER_START in the middle of a fight - which starts the fight over again with the reduced boss health. This leads to a lot shorter 'kills' which will end up getting the whole log blacklisted unless they are automatically invalidated. Most fights have automatic checks for this, but some (e.g. Council of the Illidari) occasionally go down to 74% on pull, which makes an automatic check difficult. If this happens to you, you can remove the mid encounter ENCOUNTER_END and ENCOUNTER_START from the raw log file which will properly combine the fight into one when re-uploaded.

Example of what a bugged Council log would look like, where enemies health start at 15%. This would get manually blacklisted.

Corrupted Logs

There is an Uploader bug caused by poor connectivity to the site. This is a bug we have worked on fixing for a while, and we are currently working on updating our Uploader clients.

The bug leads to corrupted logs, which can look something like this:

or just a completely blank log, which still has ranks:

These logs get blacklisted when reported, either to our support email or on Discord.


If you find any corrupted, bugged or abused logs, or you have any questions, please contact our support at or join our Discord and we will look into it.

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