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Newest Archon Improvements

The Archon team has been hard at work updating our recently released Meta Builds & Tier Lists. We've received tons of great feedback which has helped us implement changes to improve

Our first wave of feedback-based improvements took place just a few weeks ago.

In this post, we'll talk about the newest changes we've made in this second wave of updates!

What's New?

Secondary Stat Information

One big feature people were eager to see is more details about secondary stat priorities. By using logs, we have ample access to this information.

You can now find numeric data for secondary stats in the Overview section. Hover over the graphs to see details! Read more about how these stats are calculated.

Crafted Gear and Embellishments

We've added two new sections under Gear and Tier Sets!

You can now find more information about crafted gear and embellishments.

Unfortunately, information about which embellishments players are using is not fully logged by the game. The game provides exact information about special items, but patches and linings that are added to other armor are not logged.

The Logs view of embellishments lists these as "Unknown". While information about crafted armor patches and linings is not present in logs, it is present on the Armory. The Armory view is here to fill in some of these gaps in gear-- but it's still a work in progress!

You can now find links to high-performing logs of players using the indicated gear, consumables, etc. Just click on the Warcraft Logs icon!

Improved High Key Sampling

We've made improvements to our high key sampling metrics to improve accuracy. Check out our tier lists!

Thank You

The WoW community has been the foundation for Archon and Warcraft Logs for over 10 years now. We love what we do and we'll always do our best to improve our products (we're in the fun position of using all of them every day outside of work). Thank you for all the feedback - we're looking forward to seeing just how good Archon can be!

Want to send feedback or have ideas? Send us an email at or join us on Discord to chat in the #archon-feedback channel.

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