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Mythic Trap Joins Warcraft Logs

Dragonflight is finally here, and we are close to the release of the first raid, Vault of the Incarnates! We are excited to welcome Essk from Mythic Trap as the latest engineer to join our growing team. From the start of Mythic Trap, we've been impressed not only with Essk's keen eye for design, but also his passion for helping players achieve their full potential - a value that we all share at Warcraft Logs.

You might've already noticed some of his hard work, including our swanky new header, footer, and fight selection UI, and we are eager to show you what he will be able to build across our core platforms in the future.

Mythic Trap Joins Warcraft Logs

Essk brings Mythic Trap with him into our portfolio of sites at Warcraft Logs and he's been working hard on the latest iteration with complete support for Vault of the Incarnates. The guides for the first 7 bosses are already live, and Raszageth support is coming soon!

Essk and the team behind Mythic Trap excels at making dynamic and visual guides to help you and your guild succeed during progress. Each guide has gifs and videos showing the various boss mechanics and how to handle them best. You can also customize each guide to the difficulty and role you are interested in.

For example, if you wanted to check out the Primal Council mechanics, there are videos and animations of raid movement for each mechanic you will have to deal with.

Every boss guide on Mythic Trap has extensive videos and visual tools to help you learn, and every mechanic has an easy-to-share link for you to share with your raid.

Who is Essk?

We sat down with Essk to talk through his journey with Mythic Trap and Warcraft Logs.

Tell us about yourself!

I'm Essk, the founder of Mythic Trap. I'm a passionate developer and have been playing WoW since its release, mostly at a competitive level. You might have heard my French accent on the Race to World First on the Echo broadcast, where I used to be a part of the raiding team as an analyst. I joined the Warcraft Logs team earlier this year, and you might've seen some of my work with the new header, footer, and updated fight selection UI.

What was the idea behind Mythic Trap, and why was it created?

Most written guides are very verbose, and that makes it difficult to digest information efficiently. Videos are difficult to scan for the information you're looking for, and you can't easily skim through. The goal is to create innovative and highly efficient ways to guide players through various content.

What are the challenges you are facing with Mythic Trap?

Definitely how to keep things short and simple! Things need to be immediately understandable, and it's not always easy to find the balance between educational and digestible.

How did you join Warcraft Logs?

I was approached a while back, and through talking with the team, I realized we have a lot of mutual goals and visions for how to make life better for players. It's very exciting to be working on making those visions a reality.

What are you most looking forward to working with Warcraft Logs?

Definitely pushing the UX game, especially by making the website more accessible to users through a less data-heavy UI. The main goals are to surface more of the information to the average user and become a place for learning on top of analyzing.

We are also so proud of the guides at Mythic Trap that we will be featuring them in our navigation bar to make them easier to find for players. We hope that by shining a spotlight on them we can help as many players and guilds as possible with their upcoming progression.

Every mechanic has an easy-to-share link for you to share with your raid that will take you directly to that mechanic.

Mythic Trap and Wipefest

Our site Wipefest aims to help players achieve their full potential and break down tricky raid encounters on a custom mechanical level. Wipefest creates a high-level overview of a fight that highlights your raid's potential problem areas.

Essk and Yax, another one of our engineers, have been working out how to best combine the educational aspects of Mythic Trap with the analytical features of Wipefest.

The first move is to split each Mythic Trap guide into small slices for each mechanic and then embed each slice directly inside the Wipefest analysis for that mechanic. This means when you use Wipefest to analyze your logs, you'll not only find out where you can improve, but also how each mechanic should be handled with video snippets, diagrams, and tips directly from Mythic Trap.

We are incredibly excited for the new Vault of the Incarnates raid to open, and looking forward to strengthening our guide and analysis offerings to the WoW community. Thank you for your support!

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