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Wipefest: Vault of the Incarnates

We hope that everyone has been enjoying Dragonflight and the newest raid tier, Vault of the Incarnates. As everyone begins diving deeper into progression, we wanted to take a moment to talk about Wipefest. Wipefest is an extremely powerful analysis tool that works in coordination with data from Warcraft Logs in order to produce mechanical breakdowns. With these quick and simple summaries, raid leaders can review their team's mechanical performance to find out what areas to focus on for their next attempts. A strategy can be analyzed to find weak spots, making it easy to find what needs to be adjusted.

Vault of the Incarnates

Vault of the Incarnates is no exception when it comes to mechanical requirements! We have carefully configured each of the 8 bosses to ensure that Wipefest provides the most concise breakdowns possible.

Example: The Primal Council

Let's take a look at this Mythic Primal Council wipe from last week.

As it's a wipe, we've set it to ignore events after 3 deaths. This helps ensure that we're not looking at the part of the fight where players might be deliberately dying to help wipe faster and start the next pull sooner.


On the Mechanics tab, we can see an analysis of each of the mechanics in the fight. These can be expanded for more details including a summary, a mini-timeline of events, and a visual tip from the Mythic Trap guide (newly added for Dragonflight!):

Here we can see that the bulk of our Earthen Pillar hits was from the second cast, that no one died to the hit (an Overkill column would be included next to the bar chart if this were the case), and that the damage is roughly up to 50% of a player's health, so is dangerous and could certainly contribute to a death shortly afterwards if other things went wrong.


You'll notice that each mechanic has a score from 0 to 100 on the left:

This score is a percentile that indicates how well the mechanic was performed compared to kills within the last two weeks. A percentile of 50 indicates average performance. Below 50 indicates less than average, and above 50 indicates better than average. From this screenshot, we can see that on our wipe we were performing a lot worse than average on getting frozen by Primal Blizzard, dodging Earthen Pillars, and using combat potions. We performed slightly worse than average on ensuring Meteor Axes were soaked by enough players and not spreading Conductive Marks. We actually scored above average on the "total number of deaths" insight even though we had 3 deaths to Conductive Mark - this indicates that it's very common for kills of this fight to include multiple deaths and you shouldn't be surprised if your first kill is a bit messy.

Wipefest roughly orders mechanics by their relative importance to each other. The metric used is based on a sample of kills within the last two weeks and scores mechanics as more important if they were more likely to be performed correctly on the cleanest of kills (kills with the highest overall mechanical scores) within that sample.

We can see that some of the more important mechanics are soaking Meteor Axes with lots of players to split the damage and avoid spreading Conductive Marks. Some of the less important mechanics are taking unnecessary damage from Scorched Ground (which doesn't do a huge amount of damage) and reducing Quaking Pulse damage by micro-managing how many Earthen Pillars are active.

Note that while this is helpful, it isn't a perfect scoring system. For example, soaking Meteor Axes is probably more important overall than dodging Earthen Pillars, but it just so happens that most of the recent clean kills incidentally dodged all of their Earthen Pillars so Wipefest assumes it's a very important mechanic.

Also note that mechanic percentiles and importance are calculated for each day, and the values for the day of the pull will be used. You may find that the order of mechanics changes as the weeks go by (for example, the "use combat potions" mechanic may typically become less important in future resets when players have more gear).

Some mechanics aren't scored and just exist to provide extra information, such as how many stacks the tanks swapped on for Opalfang's Crush debuff:

Player Scores

Wipefest also calculates Player Scores for every player in the raid. These are roughly based on two factors:

  1. What percentile would the raid score for that mechanic be if every player behaved the same as this player?
  2. How important is this mechanic?

Individual players can be selected to get a more detailed breakdown:

Individual mechanics can be hovered over to show a tooltip with more information. Some mechanics are greyed out - these are bonus mechanics (such as soaks and interrupts) and do not contribute towards the main player score as they are usually assigned or limited in occurrence and not every player gets an equal chance to perform the mechanic.

Note that not every raid-scored mechanic contributes to a player's score. For example, it is difficult to assign blame when Conductive Mark is spread, as either player could have been out of position. Also note that the earlier a death, the more it will reduce a player's score and that the Healthstone / Healing Potion mechanic will always give a perfect score if the player doesn't die.

For subscribers, this page also includes a table view of this data:

Player scores should always be taken with a pinch of salt. There are lots of factors that might influence how a player scores on a certain mechanic that Wipefest simply isn't sophisticated enough to be able to understand (purposely taking damage to push DPS, being forced to stand in something because of another player's movement, etc).


Each fight also has a timeline of major events, with many different filters to allow you to dig deeper:

This can help you analzye healing cooldowns, precise timings of certain mechanics, or get a quick overview of when people died, when lust was used, etc.


There is also now a guide tab that lets you jump straight into the very popular boss guides from Mythic Trap:

Multiple Pull Analysis

If you're a Wipefest subscriber, you'll also be able to generate summaries for an entire report at once. Even further, pulls across multiple reports can be analysed together using the "Analyse Multiple Reports" flow. This can help with reviewing performance over multiple different raid nights.

The latest legendary subscriber feature also allows users to share their analysis with their guildies.

Wrapping Up

Feedback is always greatly appreciated!

Wipefest is also on Discord. Come chat!

You can also find Yax on Twitter.

Support this tier would not have been possible without emallson (who did the vast majority of the configuration for the new bosses) and Essk (who built the Mythic Trap guides and made them embeddable for Wipefest)!

Good luck, have fun!

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