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Aberrus RWF: Partnered Guilds

It is finally time for another Race to World First event! Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible releases on May 9th, and we're back with a write-up of our partnered top guilds to make it easy for you to catch up with your favorites.

If you haven't checked out Warcraft Logs' RWF coverage before, now is the time! We have covered RWF events since Castle Nathria, with the latest progression updates, easy-to-find streams, endless data and graphs, and fun updates on Twitter.

Browse through our full coverage overview on our Race to World First page or check out our Stream and Competition Resources article.

Partnered Guilds

Our goal in covering Race to World First is mainly to promote community-driven efforts in the World of Warcraft event space. As a data analysis website, we aim to turn complex combat information into a useful and easy-to-digest format, and to enhance the RWF space by providing data for the enjoyment of its viewers and for the benefit of its participants.

We partner with select guilds that put on event broadcasts and show them on our front page for the duration of the event. Highlighting and uplifting these efforts is something we love to do. Read about the partnered guilds and their broadcasts below.


Echo is the back-to-back winner of the last three Race to World Firsts. Their roster has an impressive combined experience in competing, and we're excited to see if they can pull out another win in Vault of the Incarnates.

They will be live from the ESA Speedrunning Events in Sweden. They have players, staff, and an impressive casting lineup of Okaymage, Dratnos, Preach, Fatboss, Krista, Jeath, and Djarii! Check out their caster announcement on Twitter.

Echo is also fundraising for Rise Above The Disorder this race. With a ton of fun charity goals incentives, make sure you check out their announcement on Twitter.

Check out Echo's progress on Warcraft Logs

Tune in to Echo's main broadcast on Twitch or check out their Stream Team.

Follow Echo on Twitter for all the updates!

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is back with a plan to take back the World First title! They've gathered in sunny California again to fight through the nine Aberrus bosses.

They have acquired a bunch of talented casters for their live event. Tune in to Eiya, Naguura, Kalamazi, Kams, Jak and SamTalkz this race for a show you won't forget. Check out their caster announcement.

Liquid is also raising money to support Ocean Conservancy on Tiltify through various silly incentives.

Check out Team Liquid's progress on Warcraft Logs.

Tune in to Team Liquids Twitch for the main broadcast or check out their Stream Team.

Follow LiquidGuild on Twitter for all the Team Liquid MMO updates.


The most known name in the World of Warcraft raiding space is perhaps Method. They achieved World 2nd in the Sepulcher race, and now they are back fighting for the World First title with an actual live event! 9 casters and 11 raiders join them on-site at 1337Camp in Germany for the Aberrus RWF!

They are joined by a group of excellent casters such as MrGM, Darkmech, Grant, Kexman, Deepshades, RageDarling, Shejkin, Roiben and Sco! Check out their caster announcement tweet.

Method is also taking the opportunity to support an important charity, Safe in Our World. Their efforts to assist and raise awareness of mental health issues within the video game industry is an important cause close to Methods hearts.

Check out Methods progress on Warcraft Logs.

Tune in to Methods Twitch for their main broadcast or check out their Stream Team.

Follow Method on Twitter for all the updates!

Big Dumb Gaming

BDG returns to RWF as one of the longest-standing competitive guilds in the world, and there are a lot of new names on the team as the roster changes and grows with their eyes on first place. They have a unique roster of international players who all come from highly competitive backgrounds and they'll aim to push upward in the ranks as they've done so many tiers in the past.

They are doing an in-house event where you have the unique experience of listening in on the team's voice channels without interruption. Tune in to hear them in real-time solve problems, adapt strategies, and have a blast competing for world first.

Check out BDGs progress on Warcraft Logs.

Tune in to their main broadcast on Twitch. or check out their Stream Team.

Follow BDG on Twitter for all the updates!


As always, the RWF is a fun time for the Warcraft Logs team and we love sharing our updates with you. Make sure you've followed us on Twitter and joined our Discord to keep up with us!

If you have any feedback or questions, we'd love to hear from you!

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