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Archon Alchemical Society

Introducing a new tier of subscribers, the Archon Alchemical Society!

Ever since our Patreon first launched in 2015 to cover the massive server costs and operational fees associated with running huge combat logging sites, we've grown from a one-man project to a full business, maintaining and developing tools for World of Warcraft, FFXIV, Elder Scrolls Online, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are incredibly proud to support and inspire other resources and tools in the gaming community through our API, working with talented community members through sites like WoWAnalyzer and more.

Your support is the fuel behind our passion for the incredibly cool things we work on. Thank you so much for using our sites, supporting us through Patreon, sharing with your friends, and/or whatever level of contributions you've made. We appreciate it greatly!

Alchemical Society Benefits

  • All Platinum reward benefits.
  • Early Access to future product releases.
  • Early Access to (FF AND SWTOR ONLY) Meters in our desktop app, which lets you view rDPS (and more) in real time while playing.
  • Early Access to Report Components, our powerful code-based analysis tool.
  • Set yourself apart with a special Discord role and gain access to exclusive Discord channels!

Priced at $25, the Alchemical Society is created for the super fans. It tells us that you believe in us and our projects and that you're invested in seeing us succeed. You'll be a vital part of early feedback, and get more of a behind-the-scenes look into our journey. We're incredibly excited to invite you along.

Check out our Patreon to support the project!


What is Meters?

Disclaimer: This is for FFXIV and SWTOR only.

Meters lets you see your rDPS in real time. You'll be able to use the Meters tab in the FF Logs client.

This is the only way to track your rDPS in-game.

Download FFLogs Client:

Download SWTOR Client:

What are Report Components?

Report Components lets you build a custom dashboard within your report, using JavaScript. It can be filled with various charts, tables, and rich text.

How do I get my benefits?

Make sure to connect your Patreon and Discord accounts in your account settings! If you're having any trouble, please reach out to us at or on Discord.

Thank You

As always, we are incredibly grateful for all your support. All of this would not be possible without it.

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You can also always reach us through if you have any questions!

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