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Code of Conduct

There are behaviors you should not engage in while using SWTOR Logs, or you risk a ban from the site. We reserve the right to take action against these behaviors (or others) as deemed necessary, at the level of severity seen fit.

Rankings and Log Offenses

The following are expectations to be followed regarding ranks and logs.

Editing of Logs

Editing logs to gain an advantage or to get around competitive restrictions is prohibited. Doing so may result in your character being blacklisted, or a lifetime ban from SWTOR Logs.

In-Game Exploits and Gameplay Alterations

Ranks will be flagged when players use in-game exploits or alter their gameplay in unintended ways. This includes any buffs that should not be possible to obtain, or things that are meant to be locked in once in combat. A rank will always be considered invalid if any lingering bonuses from gear, talents, or specs are used by a player once in combat. Gear swapping for unintended bonuses is considered an exploit.

Other examples of in-game exploits include using abilities more often than intended, using old equipment whose interaction with current content had not been considered, etc.

As long as the log was not hacked, i.e., the player used the exploit in-game, then the player will not be banned. The rank will simply be flagged. Once a code fix has happened, the rank is then removed. However, repeat offenses may result in a ban if necessary.

Outside-of-Game Exploits

The use of external programs to enhance your in-game performance, such as automating your rotation, is prohibited. Doing so will result in your character being blacklisted and a lifetime ban.

In some cases, technical errors can occur and cause your report to be blacklisted (e.g., the logger's system clock messed up, or the logging itself bugged). All ranks associated with the report will removed to deal with the error. In these cases, no bans will occur.

Other Offenses

The following behaviors should be avoided. Repeated offenses may result in a ban.

  • No bullying.
  • No offensive report or guild names, or use of offensive language in other spaces such as guild descriptions.
  • Don't be rude to others. This applies to our Discord, forums, and support.

Contact Us

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If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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