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Endwalker Is Now Supported

As of the 13th of December, after a long week of job change analysis, Endwalker is now supported by Now it's your turn to start analyzing!

The new jobs, Reaper and Sage, have been fully fleshed out. Additionally, you will find that all other jobs are up-to-date with any new Endwalker spell changes.

We look forward to seeing these new changes in action!


How to Upload and Rank

Logs made with ACT version is or higher will be eligible to rank when the ranks are fully open, and you can start uploading them now.

No logs uploaded before this will rank. You have to exit your uploader COMPLETELY, and then restart it. Please make sure you have the latest version of the Uploader, which you can get from this download link.

We are currently in a "collection phase", so history, statistics, etc. are all going to be disabled for a day or two in order to give you time to upload the logs from the past week, so that the historical data for that week ends up being sound.

Missing Rank

This is likely because FF Logs does not know you have the job at level 90.

You will need to go to your character profile, and if your job is missing from the set of icons under your name in the top left, you need to click 'Update' in the top right. This will fetch your information from the Lodestone and update your job levels.

Then you will have to go back to the report, click Rankings in the top right. Scroll down to the bottom and click the blue 'Export' button. You should now show up once the report finishes re-processing.

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Returning User?

We made some changes and improvements to FF Logs for Endwalker.

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