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Whats New in Endwalker

We are excited to support FFXIV: Endwalker! We have a lot of exciting new features through the parser and on the website.

Below is an overview of some of the biggest new features for FF Logs. Thank you for your support!

New Parser

To celebrate the release of Endwalker, we have taken steps towards modernizing our old 2012 Javascript code. The FF Logs parser has been rewritten in Typescript for Endwalker, and this has allowed us to add new features and fix a significant amount of bugs. Below is a write up of all the new parser features.

Mitigation Support

You are now able to see the amount of damage mitigated through damage reductions, blocks and parries under the Damage Taken view. The table has a mitigation %, which shows how much of the damage was mitigated.

This info is also in the Events view, where you can see both numbers colored in red and green. The red numbers are for damage taken increases, through e.g. debuffs. The green numbers are for damage taken reductions.

Combatant Info

The start of an encounter now shows buffs for every player and stats for the player logging. This can be found under the Summary - Events view.

We hope to include this in the Summary overview of a player eventually.

Better Support for Lower Level Content

We have improved our formulas to better calculate for lower level players. This means abilities that have a different potency at a lower level are accounted for.

Events View: Positionals and Combos Support

Positionals and Combos that cause a damage or healing modification are now recorded in the Events view of a report.

Due to the way these metrics are expressed in log data, it can be difficult to designate the cause of these modification events. Some self interpretation is necessary!

Pet Icons

Pets now have custom icons from the ability used to summon them. This makes them easier to identify.

Website Features

We are excited to also announce some new features for the website! Below is a write up of these new additions.

Combat Replay Maps

Combat Replay now has maps for all fights. This also shows all field markers and raid markers and we have new icons for enemies.

nDPS and Updated rDPS Math

The new nDPS tab stands for "neutral DPS". This measures damage you did with the damage gained from external buffs removed. You can read more about it in our updated article about rDPS, nDPS and aDPS.

This also includes an update to the rDPS math and a link to a full document by joncho#3796 which goes into detail about the Shadowbringers and Endwalker rDPS math.

Speed Ranks

Speed is now supported as a ranking metric. This can be used to view and sort speedrunning percentiles. Additionally, a characters speed rankings can be viewed on their profile.

Improved Historical Information

Each day, percentile values are cached. This is what sets historical breakpoints. (For example, the dps required to achieve a 95 percentile parse is set at this time and will not change until the following day.)

We have increased the number of specific cached values in order to improve accuracy. Multiple new decimal breakpoints have been added between percentages.

More information about rankings can be found in our Rankings and Parses help article.

Contact Us

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If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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