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Sunken Temple Parsing Rules

This article goes through the various rules, banned items, and adds excluded from bosses in Sunken Temple on Warcraft Logs rankings.

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Boss Changes

All damage done to trash during a boss fight is excluded by default.

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No rules.

Festering Rotslime

No rules.

Atal'ai Defenders

Damage done to the ghost versions of the bosses (IDs: 221759, 221834, 221835, 221836, 221837) is excluded.

Damage done to Hukku's Imp, Succubus, Voidwalker (8658, 8657, 8656) and Atal'ai Skeleton (8324) is excluded.

Dreamscythe and Weaver

No rules.

Jammal'an and Ogom

Exclude damage done to the target with Ritual Leader (ID 437791) - except for tanks.

Morphaz and Hazzas

Damage done to Morphaz will get normalized as he takes 200% increased damage.

Damage done to Animated Flame and Nightmare Vine is excluded.

Shade of Eranikus

Damage done to Nightmare Whelpling and Nightmare Scalebane is excluded.

Adding downtime from the death of 2nd Lumbering Dreamwalker per wave to end of Deep Slumber.

Avatar of Hakkar

No rules.

Complete Raid

Complete Raid on Warcraft Logs means doing the full raid in one go. This has a clear starting point (pull of Atal'arion) and ends when the last boss, Avatar of Hakkar, is killed.

Doing a Complete Raid rewards you with Complete Raid parses. This includes Speed parses for Guilds and Boss Fight DPS parses for personal parses.

Boss Fight DPS

This is the parse for all boss encounter DPS combined, only counting kills. This also requires you to do the full raid in one raid day.

Boss and Trash DPS

This is the DPS parse for all boss + trash encounters combined, counting everything. This requires you to do the full raid in one raid day. Everything (unless explicitly said so above) is included for overall boss/trash, even excluded adds, and downtime is not factored in.

Please note this metric does not work until we add the trash requirements for Complete Raid.


Power Infusion

As PI on Vanilla is a pure dmg % increase, we are attributing the damage gained from this back to the priest.

World Buffs


The items currently banned are:

Excessive Life Taps

Excessively using Life Tap to pad healing parses will invalidate your kill.

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