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Subscriber Benefits

Thank you for considering subscribing to Warcraft Logs Season of Discovery to support our team's effort to improve our sites. This article will go through what you are supporting and the various subscriber benefits we offer. There is also a FAQ section further down to answer the most common questions asked.

Subscribe through Patreon! Subscriber rewards apply to all our log sites.


Warcraft Logs, FF Logs, and ESO Logs all share a common codebase that has provided users with detailed combat analysis since 2013. These sites are the result of thousands of man-hours of work. We started as a project by Kihra over 10 years ago, and it has grown into a company with over 10 full-time employees over the past few years. Your support has made this possible!

By being able to grow the company to this size over the past few years, we've had the engineering time to develop features such as Recruitment, Multiple Report Analysis, updated UI with new header and footer, and more. There is an incredible amount of time required to support new patches, expansions, and games. Having enough engineers to cover all the required maintenance work is incredibly important.

Together with hiring more engineers, we have also acquired other sites in the Warcraft space, such as Wipefest and WoWAnalyzer.

Our sites also have an accessible API that supports various community sites.

Operating Costs

The server costs for Warcraft Logs, FF Logs, and ESO Logs are very high. There are also large server costs incurred once per year to reserve instances with AWS (reducing the monthly cost for the remainder of that one-year term).

During peak raid hours, our logging sites scale up significantly to meet the demand. The sites are expensive to run because log data must be read directly on high-speed memory to support real-time visualizations. You can set zoomable time ranges, do advanced queries that filter the combat log data, and handle features like combat replay, which can play back the entire fight in real-time. The data is yours to filter and manipulate, but that comes at a cost. These advanced features are available for everyone, rather than limiting combat replay or queries to subscribers only. Your support also helps cover these costs, so that these features can remain available to all.

With millions of users over the past 10 years, and never deleting any data, our storage costs are always growing. Our storage is currently over 400TB combined across the sites and your support helps cover this cost.


We currently offer 3 tiers of subscriber rewards, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can find these on Patreon

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Any tier of subscriber gets ad-free viewing. This includes our Uploader Clients.

Subscriber Processing Queue

All subscribers get their logs placed in the subscriber processing queue. This is the processing that happens before any rankings are posted.

Note: This is not the Historical Lock-In or the All Star processing! Those run once per day.

Increased API Limit

The Gold and Platinum subscriber tiers also increase the API limit. The default unsubscribed limit is 3,600 points per hour.

Gold: 9,000 points per hour

Platinum: 18,000 points per hour


Gold Subscribers can set their own character banners. Learn about Character Banners.

Platinum Subscribers get Guild/FC/Static Banners. Learn about Guild Banners.

Check out all the banner options on our Subscribe page.

Multiple Report Analysis

MRA allows a user to aggregate several raid nights of reports into one single report, allowing you to analyze all the pulls together at once! This feature can be accessed using the new Analyze tab found on a Guild's profile.

This is a Platinum subscriber feature. The subscriber can use this on any guild logs, and they also let anyone in their own guild(s) use it on their own guild logs.

Logs Archive

As mentioned earlier, our sites are over 10 years old. The amount of data uploaded and stored over the past decade is over 400TB. We have always attempted to permanently store logs to ensure that users can revisit their old fight information. This data is however very rarely accessed, despite taking up a large amount of our storage space, so we have decided to archive logs older than 2 years. This allows us to store this old and infrequently accessed data in a way that is much cheaper. Gold and Platinum subscribers can access these archived logs, and Platinum subscribers let anyone in their guild access said guild logs.

Discord Integration

Subscribed users get a special role on Discord! Make sure to connect your Discord in your user settings.


I subscribed, but it's not working?

This might be because your Patreon and your Warcraft Logs Season of Discovery account emails don't match! If they don't match, you will need to send an email to for us to connect the accounts.

If the emails match, please keep in mind it can take up to 15 minutes to process a new subscription too! If you still don't have your benefits, please email and we will look into it for you.

You can also go to your user settings and connect to your Patreon there!

Contact Us

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Please join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions.

Follow our Twitter for updates!

If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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