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Wrath Phase 3 Update

Blizzard is releasing Phase 3 of Wrath Classic on June 22nd. This article will go through some of the upcoming changes for Warcraft Logs for this update. The raids Trial of the Crusader and Onyxia's Lair will be opened, and Vault of Archavon is getting another boss.

Please join us on Discord if you have any feedback or questions.

Full help articles will be posted closer to release, this article will only go through the current state of things. Stay up to date on Discord!


We have polled to see if top guilds would like character swap restrictions for the ToGC World First race, and that won overwhelmingly. Therefore we will have character restrictions in place for the first 1 hour / top 50 guilds on 25 man.


  • Maximum of 28 total characters allowed for the first 1 hour / top 50, whichever happens first.
  • ALL bosses are required on HEROIC difficulty. This means you have to upload every fight to get full heroic progress.

Please join us on Discord if you have any questions.

Boss Change Suggestions

Changes to boss parsing are always community-suggested, and we take that into consideration when we discuss what is feasible. This is our current plan of action for Phase 3 bosses.

Northrend Beasts

We are planning on removing downtime from P1->P2 and P2->P3, this will not affect damage done to Snobold Vassals during the downtime. There won't be an initial cap on damage to Snobolds, but this is something we're open to revisiting.

Lord Jaraxxus

Spellstealing the Nether Power buff will be allowed.

There won't be an initial exclusion/damage cap on adds such as Infernals, and Mistress of Pain, but this is something we will revisit.

Faction Champions

This fight will be removed from ASP, Character Pages, Complete Raid, etc.

Twin Val'kyrs

We are likely normalizing the Empowered Darkness and Empowered Light damage buffs.


This fight will have a few changes, mainly to Nerubian Burrowers.

  • Damage done to Swarm Scarabs is excluded.
  • Healing done during P3 is removed from rankings.
  • Damage done to Nerubian Burrowers in P3 is excluded. (Except for Offtanks such as Justicar, Gladiator, Runeblade)
  • Damage done to Nerubian Burrowers will likely get capped at a maximum of 900k per player. This will likely be revisited.


There will be zero changes on Onyxia, but it's in a different zone and won't be on your front character page. There will be a tile for Onyxia's Lair towards the bottom of the front page.

Difficulty Selectors

As this is the first introduction to difficulties in Classic raids. If you have not used our site for Retail previously, you might not know what that will look like.

Character pages will default to the highest difficulty you've done (Normal or Heroic). ASP is done on a per-difficulty basis. Parses are only compared to the ones done on the same difficulty.

The front page tile will only show Heroic.

You will need to upload every fight done on Heroic for Heroic progress. We will track Normal progress too, but anyone with Heroic progress will rank higher than only Normal progress.

Please note that while the raid zone is called Trial of the Crusader, this also includes the Trial of the Grand Crusader difficulty.

Externals Update

We are planning on removing Bloodlust / Heroism from the externals column. This is a bit of a late change after the introduction of raidwide Bloodlust in Wrath. We are also planning on adding Focus Magic to this.

There will also be a filter for Externals on the Trial of the Crusader table, so you can filter out any ranks with externals.

Spec Detection

We have not finished the tank detection proposals for Trial of the Crusader, but this is the current community proposal. Please join us on Discord to discuss further. The Spec Definition article will be updated closer to release.

Blood (DPS)

We will be adding a Blood DPS spec. This will be called Blood (DPS) and have the Heart Strike icon.

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