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Trial of the Crusader Progress Rules

This article will outline the progression requirements for Trial of the Crusader on Warcraft Logs. This is the first raid with actual Normal and Heroic difficulty toggles, so we will have separate difficulties and toggles for this zone.

Join the discussion on Discord in the #wrath-raid-discussion forum channel.

We highly recommend having multiple loggers for your guild in case of disconnects, user errors, releases, or general bugs. This is especially important for progress, as we will not be able to validate your kills without working combat logs.


These rules are for the top 50 or the first hour after the release of the raid (whichever happens first).

25 Player Progression Rules

  • Maximum of 28 unique characters allowed per raid group.
  • All Bosses must be done on Heroic Difficulty to get Heroic progress.

If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please join our Discord to discuss with us directly.

If you suspect anyone of not following the rules - please report the logs to


Are these the final rules?

Likely yes, but we are open to discussing further on Discord.

Can we use X item, Y buff, etc on progress?

Yes, generally anything goes for progress, you might lose your personal rankings, but progress rankings are generally acceptable. Join us on Discord if you have specific questions.

Why aren't 50 attempts required?

Unfortunately, there is no feasible way for us to enforce this. Logs can be uploaded without wipes and there is no API in classic to verify progress from.

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