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Season of Discovery on Warcraft Logs

Blizzard launched Season of Discovery on November 30th, and we've been supporting the new leveling raid, Blackfathom Depths on Warcraft Logs!

As Season of Discovery is set in Vanilla World of Warcraft, you can find all the parses, guilds, and characters on the Vanilla version of Warcraft Logs on

This article will go through Season of Discovery on the site, the current rules in BFD, how to contribute, and how to get started on Vanilla logs on Warcraft Logs.

Make sure to join us on Discord in the #season-of-discovery channel to keep up to date on the latest discussions.

Blackfathom Deeps

BFD Speedrun Rules

Read the full BFD speedrun article.

  • 4 Murkshallow Snapclaw (ID: 4815) / Blindlight Murloc (ID: 4818)
  • 8 Aku'mai Fisher (ID: 214612)
  • 3 Blackfathom Elite (ID: 204645)
  • 10 Blindlight Muckdweller (ID: 4819) / Blindlight Oracle (ID: 4820)
  • 68 Blackfathom Myrmidon (ID: 4807) / Blackfathom Sea Witch (ID: 4805) / Fallenroot Hellcaller (ID: 4799) / Fallenroot Shadowstalker (ID: 4798) / Twilight Acolyte (ID: 4809) / Twilight Aquamancer (ID: 4811) / Twilight Elementalist (ID: 4814) / Twilight Loreseeker (ID: 4812) / Twilight Reaver (ID: 4810) / Twilight Shadowmage (ID: 4813)
  • 5 Aku'mai Snapjaw (ID: 215108)

BFD Boss Parsing Rules

We have no plans to add boss specific restrictions at this time. Trash mobs are by default excluded from parses.

Spec Rules

A full article that explains how we try to determine specs will be out soon.

Frequently Asked Questions for SoD

How do I Get Started with Warcraft Logs and Combat Log?

We would highly recommend reading our Getting Started article to get you on the right track. The most important parts are:

  1. Enable Advanced Combat Logging in your System settings in-game.
  2. Type (or get an addon to do this for you) /combatlog IN-GAME to enable combat logging. You need to do this EVERY time you want to log.

How do I Claim My Character?

As there is no connection for Classic WoW, we recommend claiming a character by uploading a log. You can also do it through forum activity, but keep in mind your character page needs to exist on the site (by someone uploading a log of ranked content with it) before you can claim it. Read more on our Claim a Character page.

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