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Sunwell Speedrun Rules

The below requirements are needed to be placed in the 'Without Skips' Complete Raid category and to get Boss/Trash rankings.

All bosses are required for a complete raid. It is recommended to have multiple people combat logging in case of disconnects, releases and general bugs.

Swap Restrictions

There is a 1 minute speed penalty per character swap.

Starting Points

The speedrun starts with the first combat of the below mob:

  • Sunblade Protector (ID: 25507)

Please note that 'combat' on WCL has a different meaning than in-game. There is no 'leaving combat' entry in the combat log, so WCL determines a new trash fight if there is 10s+ of inactivity.

Killing Kil'jaeden finishes your run. You cannot validate your run by killing trash after he is defeated.

Trash Requirements

You can only leave ONE of the humanoid packs before Brutallus alive. This requirement has to be put in place to minimize pre-clearing.


4 of the Sunblade Protectors need to die before the first boss pull.

Kalecgos must be the first boss to die.

  • 5 Sunblade Protector (ID: 25507)
  • 65 Sunblade Arch Mage/Sunblade Cabalist/Sunblade Dawn Priest/Sunblade Dusk Priest/Sunblade Slayer/Sunblade Vindicator (ID: 25363, 25367, 25368, 25369, 25370, 25371)
  • 4 Sunblade Scout (ID: 25372)
  • 26 Shadowsword Commander/Shadowsword Lifeshaper/Shadowsword Manafiend/Shadowsword Soulbinder/Shadowsword Vanquisher (ID: 25373, 25483, 25486, 25506, 25837)
  • 1 Doomfire Destroyer (ID: 25592)
  • 6 Oblivion Mage/Painbringer/Priestess of Torment (ID: 25509, 25591, 25597)
  • 4 Apocalypse Guard (ID: 25593)
  • 2 Cataclysm Hound (ID: 25599)
  • 2 Shadowsword Guardian (ID: 25508)


Keep in mind these maps don't show all trash mobs in the raid, but rather where packs that include required mobs are located and how many of them you need to kill in order to meet the requirements. All mobs of a trash pack around the required mobs are implicitly and explicitly considered as required.

Useful tools

WeakAura for tracking requirements in-game by Shariva.

Validation Spreadsheet - to validate your runs by Shariva.

Join the Warcraft Logs Classic Discord if you have any questions or feedback.

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