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Serpentshrine Caverns Speed Run Rules

Last updated: March 23, 2022

The below requirements are needed to be placed in the 'Without Skips' Complete Raid category.

Please note that Hydross trash is not required and clearing it won't start your speed run timer.

Starting Points

Your run starts with one of the below mobs:

  • Hydross the Unstable (encounter ID: 623, ID: 21216)
  • The Lurker Below (encounter ID: 624, ID: 21217)
  • Greyheart Tidecaller (ID: 21229)
  • Coilfang Shatterer (ID: 21301)

Please note that killing Lady Vashj finishes your run. You cannot validate your run by killing trash after Lady Vashj is defeated.

Trash Requirements

All mob packs around the following mobs:

  • 6 Underbog Colossus (ID: 21251)
  • 14 Coilfang Shatterer (ID: 21301)
  • 16 Greyheart Tidecaller (ID: 21229)
  • 6 Coilfang Fathom-Witch (ID: 21299)
  • 20 Tidewalker Depth-Seer/Harpooner/Hydromancer/Shaman/Warrior (ID: 21224, 21225, 21226, 21227, 21228)
  • 6 Vashj'ir Honor Guard (ID: 21218)


The red dots represent where the trash packs are. Keep in mind you do not have to kill every single red dot.

Useful tools

WeakAura for tracking requirements in-game.

Validation Spreadsheet - to validate your runs by Shariva.

Join the Warcraft Logs Classic Discord if you have any questions or feedback.

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