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SoD Gnomeregan Parsing Rules

This article will go through the various rules, banned items, and adds excluded from bosses in Gnomeregan on Warcraft Logs rankings.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please join us on Discord to discuss.

Boss Changes

All damage done to trash during a boss fight is excluded by default.

Please also join us on Discord to suggest updates or changes to the current rules.


Phase 1 with the adds is turned into a trash fight. The current Complete Raid starts on engaging Grubbis, and only damage done to Grubbis counts for the Grubbis parse.

Viscous Fallout

Damage done to Dessicated Fallout is excluded.

Electrocutioner 6000

No rules.

Crowd Pummeler 9-60

No rules.

Mechanical Menagerie

No rules, but overkill damage is always excluded by default.

Mekgineer Thermaplugg

Damage done to STX-96/FR, STX-97/IC, and STX-98/PO below 50% health is excluded.

Downtime is implemented for the time between STX-96/FR hitting 50% and the next boss spawning, the same for STX-97/IC at 50% and the next boss spawning, and STX-98/PO at 50% until STX-99/XD spawning.

Complete Raid

Complete Raid on Warcraft Logs means doing the full raid in one go. This has a clear starting point (pull of Grubbis) and ends when the last boss, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, is killed.

Doing a Complete Raid rewards you with Complete Raid parses. This includes Speed parses for Guilds and Boss Fight DPS parses for personal parses.

Boss Fight DPS

This is the parse for all boss encounter DPS combined, only counting kills. This also requires you to do the full raid in one raid day.

Boss and Trash DPS

This is the DPS parse for all boss + trash encounters combined, counting everything. This requires you to do the full raid in one raid day. Everything (unless explicitly said so above) is included for overall boss/trash, even excluded adds, and downtime is not factored in.


Externals Cap

On Retail, we've added an Externals Cap. This is also implemented for Power Infusion in Season of Discovery.

This means you will only be able to get Power Infusion from the equivalent of one priest. The number of externals received cannot exceed the number that could be given to one individual by one partner. However, you may receive each buff from more than one player, so long as the number of buffs you receive remains under the cap.

Any parses that break these restrictions will not be ranked.

World Buffs

There are currently no banned world buffs in Season of Discovery.


The only items currently banned are Spiked Collar and Mechanical Greench.

Excessive Life Taps

Excessively using Life Tap to pad healing parses will invalidate your kill.

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