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Gnomeregan Speedrun Rules

The below requirements are needed to get a Complete Raid ranking for Gnomeregan, which includes Boss Fight, Boss/Trash, and Speed rankings.

The full raid done in one run is required for a Complete Raid parse. It is recommended to have multiple people combat logging in case of disconnects, releases, and general bugs.

Start and End Point

The Complete Raid (speedrun) starts with the pull of the below mob:

  • Grubbis

The run ends when Mekgineer Thermaplugg dies.

You cannot validate your run by killing trash after all bosses are defeated.

Trash Requirements

Trash requirements are done mostly by the community. Join the Discord to contribute.

  • 6 Irradiated Slime/ Irridated Horror / Corrosive Lurker (ID: 6218,6219,6220)
  • 14 Leprous Defender / Mechanized Sentry (ID: 6223,6233)
  • 1 Peacekeeper Security Suite (ID: 6230)
  • 28 Leprous Assistant (ID: 7603)
  • 3 Leprous Technician (ID: 6222)
  • 11 Leprous Machinesmith (ID: 6224)
  • 6 Mechano-Frostwalker/-Flamewalker (ID: 6226,6227)
  • 20 Arcane Nullifier X-21 / Mechanized Guardian / Dark Iron Agent (ID: 6212,6232,6234)

Boss Rules

Make sure to also read the Gnomeregan Parsing Rules for an overview of what is and isn't allowed.


Swap Penalty

There is a 1-minute time penalty per character swap.

Time Penalty

Instead of having 'Without Skips' and 'With Skips' categories, we have implemented a time penalty for missed trash mob requirements.

If a raid partly misses the trash requirements it will face a time penalty, which is 300s / [mob type count] for each missed mob.


You need to kill 10 bears in a raid, but you only killed 9. That means your complete raid time gets a time penalty of 300s/10 = 30s. If you only killed 8 bears then 60s get added to the complete raid time and so on.

Useful Tools

Validation Spreadsheet - to validate your runs by Shariva.

Trash Requirement Weakaura by holypalaswe.

Contact Us

We are always happy to hear your feedback or discuss topics on Discord. Join us to improve the speedrun requirements.

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