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Shadowlands Season 4 Adjustments

Shadowlands Season 3 is coming to an end and Season 4 will begin August 2nd. Here, you can find all the changes that Warcraft Logs will be making to accommodate the new content.


Season 4 will include all 3 raids from Shadowlands, so we have made additions to each where appropriate.

Fated Partitions

Fated is a new affix that will apply to one of the three raids each week. This will change weekly on a static rotation.

  • Each raid will receive a new Fated partition. This partition can be found alongside the existing partitions for each raid.
  • Raids will only rank when it is their Fated week. Non-fated raids will not rank.

  • The Fated partition will be the default that is displayed on your character profile for each zone.

Sepulcher of the First Ones

Sepulcher receive two new partitions, instead of just one:

  • Fated partition, which will function as the other Fated partitions do.

  • Sepulcher will get an additional partition, which can be ranked in on non-fated weeks.


Season 4 will reintroduce dungeons from past seasons and expansions, while also keeping the two Tazavesh dungeons.

  • The new M+ season will have its own new zone, found alongside the previous seasons in all dropdown menus.

  • A Bounties count (related to the new Shrouded M+ affix) can be found in the rankings, similar to how externals display for raid rankings.

Externals Caps in Season 4

Power Infusion and other externals have been a hot topic for some time now. Warcraft Logs has been polling the community, gathering feedback, and discussing potential solutions for Dragonflight. Due to the short duration and experimental nature of Season 4, we thought it would be a good time to test one of the popular options, capping externals:

  • Power Infusion, Blessing of Autumn, Benevolent Faeries, and Kindred Empowerment will be capped. This cap is based on the spells' cooldowns. The number of externals received cannot exceed the number of which could be given to one individual by one partner. However, you may receive each buff from more than one player, so long as the number of buffs you receive remains under the cap.

More details on how the external cap will function can be found in this article.

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