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RWF VOTI: Features

The Race to World First in Dragonflights first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, has started! The top guilds have entered the raids and started their gear splits. We are following their progress on Warcraft Logs' Race to World First!

This article will go through how to get the most out of your experience using the Warcraft Logs tools to keep up with the Race to World First!

Our Stream and Competition Resources article also goes more in detail about all the widgets, tools, and resources available.

Front Page Tile

During the RWF, we are showing a tile with our partnered guilds' stream embedded, and the Time Machine, which keeps you updated on the last 24 hours of the race.

You can mouseover the Time Machine to get more details too!


Browse through the Mythic Leaderboard here

There are also Heroic and Normal versions available.

In Sepulcher, we started sorting the leaderboard by best boss %. This leads to it updating more dynamically as guilds progress on bosses at the same time. Our leaderboard will keep you updated with the latest changes automatically.

Latest Updates

The Latest Updates tile sends messages when a top 20 guild kills a boss, together with pull count if they have Competition Mode on.

Head-to-Head View

When a Head-to-Head view is available, there is a prompt at the top of the Front Page and the RWF page for which guilds, what boss, and their best % attempts on said guilds.

Clicking on this link, or navigating to the boss page, takes you to the Head-to-Head view. This will show both competing guild streams, their comp, and ilvl.

There are also red dots indicating which players are streaming, and clicking on those will let you swap to that point of view on the page.

Boss Overviews

You can select bosses in the dropdown for more details. This will also show you Latest Updates, which can be filtered to Encounter Updates only.

The first graph shown is 'Progress Time by Guild', which will show when each guild progressed and for how long, and if they haven't killed the boss, it will also show their best %.

Below that you can see each guild details (if they have Competition Mode enabled). You can see their Best % vs Pull Count graph.

You can also look at their Summary. This shows the raid's Damage Done, Damage Taken, and Healing Done for the Kill, or if the boss isn't dead, you can look at the Last Pull or Best Pull.

Click the Show Details button for Composition details.

Guild Pages

Clicking through to a guild page will let you filter the Latest Updates to that guild only. Their stream will also be embedded if there is one.

Stream Swapping

If there is an embedded stream, you can also see who is streaming on the team below. The red dot indicates if they are live and clicking on that player swaps to their pov.

Composition and Graphs

The first guild graph shown is Progress Duration by Encounter, in hours of active fight time. This shows best % for the bosses not killed also.

Below that, there is the boss summaries. These show composition details, best % per pull and summary graphs for each encounter.

You can browse through and interact with the graphs.


Thank you so much for tuning in to the Race to World First on Warcraft Logs! We put a lot of work into creating resources for the community, and your feedback is invaluable.

Join us on Discord or let us know on if you have any feedback or questions.

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