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Patch 9.2.5 Partition

As our journey through Season 3 and Sepulcher of the First Ones continues, Blizzard has introduced Patch 9.2.5, which includes a variety of class and raid balance changes. With this in mind, we have decided to create a new Partition to go along with this new patch. Below, we will explain what a partition is, and what this means for your existing characters and ranks.

What is a Partition?

A partition is essentially a split in rankings. Partitions are meant to separate each tier of content-- ideally, there will be only one partition for rankings and parses that spans the entire lifetime of a raid tier. However, if significant nerfs or buffs happen, then a new partition has to be created in order to allow classes that got nerfed to continue ranking. This is to ensure that players can fairly compete with the current version of their class, rather than feeling that they can never beat previous numbers.

What Changes Does This Bring?

When a new partition is added, all previous parses and rankings up to that point will be saved and stored, which we call frozen. All rankings will then be reset, creating a clean slate for players to compete fairly once more!

Please note: When a partition is created, there won't be previous rankings in our system to compare to immediately. Be patient and give your parses some time to be sorted-- they will appear before long!

Rankings on Character Profiles

You will find that a new tab has been created on all character profiles, allowing you to view each partition. An "all" tab was also added, which will display a character's best parses from all partitions within that raid tier.

You can navigate between partitions on your character profile.

Other Ranking Areas

The front page and any other ranking areas will now display 9.2.5 rankings. However, you may still access previous partitions using a dropdown.

Frozen Ranks (Previous Partitions)

Whenever a new partition is made, all previous partitions become frozen. This means that no new rankings can be added to the partition. After this point, any private reports, even if made public, will not result in new rankings being added to the global ranks for that partition.

Read more about Rankings, Parses, and Partitions

Cross Faction Raiding

We haven't forgotten-- The 9.2.5 Patch for Shadowlands has also introduced cross-faction raiding!

We have written an article about Cross-Faction Raiding and how to navigate this change on Warcraft Logs.

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