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Cross-Faction Raiding

Last updated: May 31, 2022

Blizzard is releasing the 9.2.5 Patch for Shadowlands this week, which enables cross-faction raiding. This article will go through what this could mean for you and your guild on Warcraft Logs.

We are not currently implementing any UI changes to the site to accommodate cross-faction guilds, as we are hopeful Blizzard implements this in the future, but our current Teams feature might suit your needs!

Cross Faction Raiding


If your guild is majority one faction, and you are staying in your current guild, you do not need to make any changes. The requirements to count for guild progress and ranks on Warcraft Logs is that >51% of the characters in the group must be from the guild. Your guild will keep its ranks and continue as usual on the site.


If your raid team is not majority one faction, or spread out in multiple in-game guilds, it might benefit you to set up a Team. Your Team would have its own estimated progression ranks based on the characters added to the team and it can use the Recruitment feature to find new members.

You can create a team in the options in the right sidebar on the website. Pick 'Create a Guild or Team'.

Then you need to select 'Raid/Mythic+ Team' in the Type drop down menu.

We would recommend you set the default rank to Member.

Once your raid team is set up on the site, you can share the link to everyone in your team to join the team with their Warcraft Logs profile. They can then add the characters they have claimed to the team on the 'Character' tab.

Both Horde and Alliance characters can be added here. The Teams progress rank will be estimated from the characters added to the team. Adding characters to the team is REQUIRED for progress ranks to show.

Read more about how to set up a Team.


If you are only faction changing your character, your page should be automatically updated. You can also refresh your claimed characters by clicking this 'Update Characters' button in the right side bar.

Or alternatively, click the Update button on the top right of your character page.


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Last updated: May 31, 2022