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New Banner Feature and Storage / Subscription Changes

The MMO space has seen some impressive growth in the past two years, and with it, FF Logs has seen some growth and changes of its own. Our team, which has gotten bigger in response, is constantly striving to improve the site we all know and love by adding new features and enhancements.

New Feature: Banner Customization

We are excited to announce that subscribed users can now set banner images on their profiles! With these flashy images, your character page will look better than ever. Users may select an image for each individual character, allowing flexible customization to match each toon!

Check out the new “Customize” button on your character profile to view these banners.

Supporting a Growing Site

While site growth is quite exciting, this also means that our data requires significantly more storage space than before. To help combat these storage costs, we are making some changes to our log storage and subscription tiers, while also adding some new features.

Storage Changes

During peak raid hours, our logging sites scale up significantly to meet the demand. Log data must be operated on in memory by back end servers in order to handle arbitrary zoomable time ranges, support advanced queries that filter the combat log data, and to handle features like combat replay, which can play back the entire fight in real time. We don't just show you canned pre-processed views-- the data is yours to filter and manipulate.

We have always attempted to permanently store logs to ensure that users can revisit their old fight information. However, we have found that this data is very rarely accessed, despite taking up a large amount of our storage space. Due to this, we have decided that we will start archiving old logs.

Archive Information

Any logs that are greater than 1 year old will now be placed into our Logs Archive. This will allow us to store this old and infrequently accessed data in a way that is much cheaper. Archived logs can still be accessed by users who are subscribed to our Patreon at Gold tier or higher.

Patreon Subscription Changes

We have made the following changes to our subscription tiers:

  • Silver
    • Cost adjusted to $2 / month, from $1 / month.
    • Reports will be processed in a much faster subscriber-only queue.
  • Gold
    • Cost adjusted to $5 / month, from $3 / month.
    • You may now customize your character profiles with banner images.
    • Gain access to the log archive, allowing you to review reports older than 12 months.
  • Platinum
    • All guild members will receive access to the guilds' archived logs.
Current premium subscription tiers.

Legacy Subscribers

Existing Patreon subscribers will keep their current perks and costs. However, to receive the new benefits, you will have to subscribe to one of the new tiers.

Contact Us

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