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Wrath Phase 4 Update

Blizzard is releasing Phase 4 of Wrath Classic. This article will go through some of the upcoming changes for Warcraft Logs for this update. Icecrown Citadel will be released, and Vault of Archavon is getting another boss.

Please join us on Discord with any feedback or questions.

Full help articles will be posted closer to release, this article will only go through the current state of things. Stay up to date on Discord!

Race to World First

We are planning on enabling our Race to World First tools for the ICC race. This means there will be a front page tile and a progress tracker (with nice images of each boss) to keep you updated on the guilds that live log. More information is also enabled if the guilds have Competition Mode enabled.

This will show their raid composition, pull count, best %, and the damage done/damage taken/healing done graph for each fight.

Progress Rules

  • ALL bosses are required on HEROIC difficulty for 12/12H progress.
    • This means you must upload every boss kill to get full heroic progress.
  • For the first 12 hours, all bosses must be done in one raid lockout.
    • This is to prevent multiple raid groups for one guild.

There will be a full article for RWF and progress rules released soon. Please join us on Discord if you have any questions.

Boss Change Suggestions

Changes to boss parsing are always community-suggested, and we take that into consideration when we discuss what is feasible. This is our current plan of action for Phase 4 bosses.

Lord Marrowgar

No rules, all damage counts.

Lady Deathwhisper

No rules, but a potential ASP removal in the future.

Gunship Battle

Removed from character pages, ASP (Damage, Healing, Speed), and Complete Raid (Time will still count for complete raid).

Deathbringer Saurfang

No rules, all damage counts.


Gastric Bloat damage buff is normalized on non-tank specs.


Damage done to Little Ooze, Big Ooze, Sticky Ooze is removed.

Professor Putricide

No rules, all damage counts. (Mutated Abomination won't count as a pet of the player)

Blood Council

Overkill is excluded by default.

Damage done to Kinetic Bomb and Dark Nucleus is removed.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel

Essence of the Blood Queen damage increase is normalized.

As we can't normalize this damage increase on a Complete Raid level, Blood-Queen Lana'thel is also removed from Complete Raid.

Valithria Dreamwalker

Removed from Damage character pages, Complete Raid, and Overall Damage Statistics.

We are keeping it in for healing, but this will likely be revisited post-release.


Damage done to Ice Tombs is removed.

We will likely end up removing Sindragosa from ASP sometime post-release.

The Lich King

The last 10% of the fight is turned into downtime.

Damage done to Drudge Ghoul + Shambling Horror is removed (potential exception for off-tanks).

Damage done to Vile Spirit is removed.

Damage done to Val'kyr Shadowguards after they hit 50% health on HEROIC is removed.

Speedrun Rules

We are planning on starting Speedruns with engaging Lord Marrowgar. We are also going to normalize the Saurfang faction RP. Every fight will be required on Heroic difficulty to get a HC Complete Raid parse (Speedrun).

Full article with trash requirements will be out soon. You can see the current proposals in our Discord in the #wrath-raid-rules post for ICC Speedruns.

Difficulty Selector

Icecrown Citadel will have the same difficulty dropdowns as Trial of the Crusader. This means character pages will default to the highest difficulty you've done (Normal or Heroic). ASP is done on a per-difficulty basis. Parses are only compared to the ones done on the same difficulty.

The front page tile will only show Heroic.

You will need to upload every fight done on Heroic for Heroic progress. We will track Normal progress too, but anyone with Heroic progress will rank higher than only Normal progress.

You will need to kill all bosses on the same difficulty to get a Complete Raid parse.

Spec Detection

We have not finished the tank detection proposals for Icecrown Citadel Please join us on Discord to discuss further. The Spec Definition article will be updated closer to release.

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