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Wrath Edition: New Build Guides and Tier Lists on Archon

At Archon, the company behind sites like Warcraft Logs and FF Logs, we recently announced our first tool— popularity based Builds and Tier Lists. This was first just released for Retail, but today we have the Wrath Edition ready!

We're excited to support Classic Wrath popularity based Builds and Tier Lists!

What is our Goal? Why use Archon?

Our Builds and Tier Lists were developed by passionate players who love the game and love data. Our goal is to get across some of the optimization info that people want to know, clearly and cleanly!

All the Data, All Found Here

Our Log sites already have all the info found here! However, we've never quite had a space for users to view some of these things— and we want to offer that.

Archon can use ALL of the available data, with the largest available sample size, to provide the most precise popularity-based Builds information.

Accuracy is our Priority

We understand the importance of delivering accurate info. We've put a lot of care into developing a tool that provides the most correct information possible.

The team has decided to release this tool in a Beta state because we know there may be some kinks to iron out and improvements along the way! We look forward to seeing your feedback.

User Friendly Design

We've designed Archon Builds and Tier Lists to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, to allow a clean and intuitive experience for all users.


All classes and specs are supported by Archon Builds. You can pick which you'd like to see using our selection page.

Note: Offtank specs we have created specifically for Wrath are not supported.


Select what you'd like to see using our various filters, such as ICC or Halion, difficulty, or boss.

Bosses like Gunship are excluded.

View the Results!

Using the available tabs, you can browse the popularity of the options in each section.

For Wrath Classic, we have gear and tier tables, which show how popular each item is. We combine the same items from multiple difficulties.

There's also an overview of all the most used consumables, enchants, and gems.

We're also showing the most popular trinket combinations.

Tier Lists

View the meta for different ranking aspects and difficulties. Set the specifications how you'd like, then view the results!

Note that we are showing POPULARITY first, which is based on how many parses each spec has. You can switch this to Throughput if you wish to see DPS/HPS metrics! The table below also has all the data this tier list is based on.

Contact Us

As always, we love to hear your feedback - send us an email at!

Please feel free to also join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions, and follow our Twitter for updates!

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