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Warcraft Logs Acquires WoWAnalyzer!

We are extremely excited to announce that WoWAnalyzer has joined the Warcraft Logs family! The team at Warcraft Logs looks forward to supporting and expanding the excellent analytical tools at WoWAnalyzer in partnership with its amazing community of contributors and theorycrafters.

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What is WoWAnalyzer?

WoWAnalyzer is a great tool to help you analyze and improve your own performance using Warcraft Logs. It gives detailed insight into various things such as cast behavior, buff uptime, downtime, cooldown usage, wasted resources and more. The tool also gives insight into useful and interesting statistics such as the throughput gain from your talents, trinkets, traits, set bonuses, and other special items and effects.

While WoWAnalyzer is an open-source project that relies on mostly volunteer contributors for spec-specific implementations, emallson has agreed to join us to help maintain and grow WoWAnalyzer. He is one of the main contributors and we are thrilled to have him on the team.


What does this mean for WoWAnalyzer?

It will maintain its open-source nature, and we are going to try to make that more sustainable with more support from the rest of our team. We are also planning on making the Timeline View free to use again. To former and future contributors, we hope to welcome you on board.

What changes for me as a WoWAnalyzer Patreon?

If you love WoWAnalyzer enough to support the site, that is amazing! Thank you. We’ll continue to roll out special features and access to our WoWAnalyzer Patreon.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the team on the WoWAnalyzer Discord!

I want to contribute to WoWAnalyzer, what can I do?

We are always looking for contributors! Check out the WoWAnalyzer Wiki on how to become one or join the WoWAnalyzer Discord.

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