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Ulduar PTR Update

Hey all,

We are back with another update for those who don't keep up with Discord and the discussions between phase launches.

Our team is currently incredibly busy dealing with Dragonflight release and Christmas, but discussions are in progress regarding Ulduar and how that will be handled. Hopefully, this post will clarify our perspectives and what to expect going into the next WotLK raid.

Ulduar Support / Feedback

As always, please join us early in discussing the upcoming raid, both for progression and individual boss rules. We are currently using Forum Channels on Discord to make it easier to navigate and get updated on the relevant discussions. Please check out the #wrath-raid-discussion channel for the Ulduar specific posts.

Please keep in mind this is all work in progress. Feedback is appreciated, so please join us on Discord to discuss.

PTR Logs

PTR logs from Ulduar testing would be found here, or at the bottom of the front page. PTR logs currently do not have EncounterStart or EncounterEnd events, which means we cannot track them.

You will not be able to sort by hard mode difficulties on PTR logs.


As Ulduar is the last raid before Blizzard implements a difficulty selector, we have to figure out how to deal properly with Hard Modes. The current plan is to have a point system to track progress. See below for what each boss and difficulty awards. The optional bosses are Ignis, Razorscale, and Auriaya, they are not required, as optional bosses have never been required for progress previously.

Overall Progress

1-5 Points - Flame Leviathan
1 Point - OPTIONAL - Ignis the Furnace Master
1 Point - OPTIONAL - Razorscale
1-2 Points - XT-002 Deconstructor
1, 3 or 5 Points - The Assembly of Iron
1 Point - Kologarn
1 Point - OPTIONAL - Auriaya
1 (easy), or (3-5) Points - Freya
1 Point or 5 Points - Thorim
1 Point or 5 Points - Mimiron
1 Point or 5 Points - Hodir
1-2 Points - General Vezax
1-5 Points - Yogg-Saron
5 Points - Algalon the Observer


When Hardest Mode Assembly of Iron, Yogg-0 and Algalon the Observer are dead, the maximum points will be assigned. We will have the boss progress tile with the first Yogg-0 and Algalon kills in it, and the combined progress will be to kill both Yogg-0 and Algalon. For the first few hours, the same raid team must be used to kill both to get the combined progress credit.

We have not yet decided on character limits, so input is welcome.

Speedrun Rules

The first draft of the trash requirements is in the pins in the Ulduar Speedrun channel and below. This is a work in progress.

Ulduar Trash Requirements

Same for 10 and 25 man:

  • 2 Molten Colossus (ID: 34069)
  • 2 Forge Construct (ID: 34085)
  • 2 Magma Rager (ID: 34086)
  • 3 Chamber Overseer (ID: 34197)
  • 4 Hardened Iron Golem (ID: 34190)
  • 4 Iron Mender (ID: 34198)
  • 2 Champion of Hodir (ID: 34133)
  • 3 Winter Revenant (ID: 34134)
  • 9 Winter Rumbler (ID: 34135)
  • 4 Lightning Charged Iron Dwarf (ID: 34199)
  • 4 Rune Etched Sentry (ID: 34196)
  • 8 Storm Tempered Keeper (ID: 33699,33722)
  • 2 Dark Rune Ravager (ID: 33755)
  • 2 Dark Rune Thunderer (ID: 33754)
  • 20 Forest Swarmer (ID: 33431)
  • 2 Guardian Lasher (ID: 33430)
  • 1 Guardian of Life (ID: 33528)
  • 2 Ironroot Lasher (ID: 33526)
  • 2 Mangrove Ent (ID: 33525)
  • 2 Nature's Blade (ID: 33527)
  • 3 Arachnopod Destroyer (ID: 34183)
  • 11 Boomer XP-500 (ID: 34192)
  • 5 Clockwork Sapper (ID: 34193)
  • 16 Trash (ID: 34191)
  • 1 Faceless Horror (ID: 33772)
  • 5 Twilight Adherent (ID: 33818)
  • 4 Twilight Frost Mage (ID: 33819)
  • 6 Twilight Guardian (ID: 33822)
  • 3 Twilight Pyromancer (ID: 33820)
  • 2 Twilight Shadowblade (ID: 33824)
  • 3 Twilight Slayer (ID: 33823)

There are a couple of main questions for Speedruns in Ulduar below. Please join our Discord to discuss.

Should we require every single boss?

Ignis, Razorscale, and Auriya are optional bosses, and those have historically not been included. Opinions on this are welcome.

Starting Point?

The starting point will likely be Flame Leviathan pull, potentially death. Starting on the death would require completely new code, and we are not sure if we will have the time to implement this.

Hard Mode Penalties

Our current thinking is that we will apply time penalties for any boss that has a Hard Mode but isn't killed on that Hard Mode. The simplest solution here is just to give full credit for the highest hard mode level and to add a 5 minute penalty if you do not do the hardest mode of a boss.

Parsing Rules

As seen in the Naxxramas Parsing Rules article, there are a number of boss changes and items/buffs, etc banned. The first proposal of adds excluded and various other rules are on Discord. All the current buff restrictions will apply to parsing in Ulduar.

Please keep in mind that this is a community drafted proposal, and changes are likely depending on combat log and code restrictions.

Flame Leviathan

  • Fight removed for DPS/HPS - likely staying for Speed.

Ignis the Furnace Master

  • Only count the killing blow on Iron Construct (ID: 33121) from damage done OR (worse option) remove the damage done to Iron Construct (ID: 33121)
  • Invalidate parses if Death Knights use "Summon Gargoyle" (ID: 49206) or "Army of the Dead" (ID: 42650) or "Raise Dead" (ID: 46584) while they have the buff "Slag Pot" (ID: 62717) OR (worse option) invalidate parses of all Death Knights who get the buff "Slag Pot" (ID: 62717)

This would be to prevent snapshotting of the Slag Pot debuff to be required to parse as a DK.


  • Remove P1 (ends when first interaction with Razorscale happens - like Gothik) and remove the damage done to leftover P1 adds (IDs: 33388, 33846, 33453) OR remove the damage done to adds (IDs: 33388, 33846, 33453)

Iron Council

  • Remove damage done to boss mobs before they heal up when one of the other boss mobs dies
  • Normalize damage done (divided by 2) while under the influence of Overwhelming Power (ID: 61888)


  • ? remove damage done to Feral Defender (ID: 34035) ?


  • Remove damage done to her until the last time she healed to full hp


  • Remove P1 (ends when first interaction with Thorim happens - like Gothik) and remove damage done to leftover P1 adds (IDs: 33110, 32876, 32904, 32878, 32877, 32875, 32874) OR remove damage done to adds (IDs: 33110, 32876, 32904, 32878, 32877, 32875, 32874)

General Vezax

  • Hard Mode only: count damage done to Saronite Animus (ID: 33524) OR remove the boss from all rankings


  • Only count the damage done to the first 8 Guardians of Yogg-Saron (ID: 33136) OR IF NOT POSSIBLE: remove P1 and remove the damage done to leftover Guardians of Yogg-Saron (ID: 33136) OR exclude damage done to Guardians of Yogg-Saron (ID: 33136)
  • Some way of dealing with P2?


  • Remove Living Constellation (ID: 33052) and Dark Matter (ID: 33089) from damage done


As always, thank you for reading and participating! We would love to hear your feedback or if you have any questions, please reach out on Discord!

Best of luck in your raids!

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