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Sunken Temple on Warcraft Logs

This article goes through some of the updates over the past few weeks for Sunken Temple on Warcraft Logs. You can also find the decided rules in each article.

As always, these are discussed in our Discord and based mainly on community feedback. We appreciate all your input and patience as we try to make this all work without a PTR!

Boss Parsing Rules

Find the full rules for each boss in the Sunken Temple Boss Parsing Rules article. This article also has banned items, various rules, and adds excluded from bosses.

Power Infusion

As Power Infusion is a damage amplifier buff in Vanilla, we're now attributing this to the priest that casted it. This means the damage increase from PI does not count towards your parse.

Battle Shout

The warrior class quest Battle Shout buff is banned from parsing. This will invalidate your boss parses (and complete raid if used on a boss).

Spec Rules

We frequently get requests for more specs to be added to Season of Discovery, and this is on our list. We were hopeful to get that in for Phase 3, but the sudden announcement of the release left us with little time to do this. Due to technical issues, it's not feasible to add specs in the middle of a partition/phase. The goal is to expand spec support for Phase 4, mainly separating Arms/Fury, Affliction/Demonology/Destruction, and likely Assassination/Combat/Subtlety. We're still unsure if this will also expand to hunters, as we would lose the Melee/Ranged separation if we went by Marksmanship/Beast Mastery/Survival instead.

We have however updated Mage detection for Sunken Temple. They are our current test subjects for expanding into more specializations in the future. We are also currently investigating different healer requirements.

Mage Detection Updates

Since Sunken Temple launched, we have also updated the Mage detection requirements. They are now our test subjects for talent point detection.

With combatant_info:

Healer: Temporal Beacon (Buff), Chronomantic Healing (Healing), Regeneration (Cast or Healing), Chronostatic Preservation (Cast or Healing), Mass Regeneration (Cast)

Fire/Frost/Arcane: most talent points in the corresponding tree (minimum 20 while we test).


These are used when there is no combatant_info, or when too few points are invested in any one tree. The first seen spell assigns your spec. Example: if you cast Arcane Blast and then Pyroblast, you will be assigned Arcane. If you cast Pyroblast and then Arcane Blast, you will be assigned Fire.

Healer: Temporal Beacon (Buff), Chronomantic Healing (Healing), Regeneration (Cast or Healing), Chronostatic Preservation (Cast or Healing), Mass Regeneration (Cast)

Fire: Pyroblast (Cast or Damage), Combustion (Buff)

Frost: Winter's Chill (Debuff)

Arcane: Arcane Blast (Cast or Damage)

Default Spec: Fire (only used if nothing else matches)

Speedrun Rules

The first iteration of the trash requirements can be found in the Sunken Temple Speedrun Rules article.

We're also adding two more rules for the top end of speedrunning this phase.

Video Requirements

If you end the phase with a top 10 world rank, you are required to provide a full vod that starts with the instance being reset. The speedrun timer will still start on the pull of Atal'arion, but a vod of the setup is required. This should be attached to the leaderboard entry so it can be reviewed by the community.

Attempts at pre-clearing or trying to circumvent the requirements will be disqualified.

Preclearing Rule

Pre-clearing is not allowed. We reserve the right to disqualify, blacklist, or ban any attempts at circumventing the intention of trash requirements.


We've added quite a few world buffs to the buffs column on rankings! You should be able to see them on the leaderboard.

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