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Multiple Report Analysis

The Warcraft Logs Classic team is absolutely thrilled to release our newest feature, Multiple Report Analysis (or MRA for short), to our Platinum subscribers. This feature has been in the works for months and was a massive undertakingā” each report command had to be rebuilt to handle multiple reports. The result is a new analysis experience that allows users to seamlessly combine hundreds of pulls across multiple nights into one single report!

Multiple Report Analysis

MRA will allow a user to aggregate several raid nights of reports into one single report, allowing you to analyze all the pulls together at once! This feature can be accessed using the new Analyze tab found on a Guild's profile.

Report Selection Specifications

Using the interface found here, you can select raids and dungeons from past tiers and seasons. You can then choose to view all bosses within the reports, or a specific one-- or a specific dungeon. The date selection should then be used to further specify what reports to pull into your analysis.

Boss Progression MRA

In the Progression tab of a Guild's profile, you can view detailed progression information for each boss of the raid. A new button has been added here which can be used to automatically select all progression pulls of a boss for you! Clicking it will redirect to the Multiple Report Analysis tab with the correct specifications made.

A Fantastic Recruitment Tool!

MRA is a must-have for guilds and recruiters. This powerful tool lets you get a full, comprehensive view of your potential recruit's performance in any raid progression. Take a look at mechanically challenging fights like Painsmith or Halondrus to check out mechanical consistency.

Combine MRA with our recruitment feature to empower your recruitment process!

Interface Improvements

Some interface enhancements have been made to help improve our report pages.

New Fight and Pull Selection UI

While developing this new tool, we thought it was a good time to give our report fight and pull selection UI a bit of a facelift.

  • Percent, date, time, and percent are now neatly tucked into each pull's display box.
  • Wipes may now be split by phase.
  • Pulls can now be sorted by boss % as well as by date.

Pull Count Display

The number of pulls that each player participated in will now be displayed in a new column in the Deaths tab.

Player Participant Selection

If you would like to filter to only the pulls that a player participated in, you can use the dropdown found in the pull selection interface.

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