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Classic Recruitment Release and Updates

We are thrilled to open our Warcraft Logs Recruitment - Guild Looking for Players feature to Classic, Vanilla and Season of Mastery. This will allow guilds to search for players that match their set filters (e.g. schedule, class, spec) for easier guild recruitment.

Recruitment Functions

Guild Looking for Players

The biggest new feature in this release is Guild Looking for Players. This will allow Guilds to easily search for players that fit their filter criteria. You can make use of filters, such as Best Historical Percent, Median Historical Percent and All Star Percent.

These will also show from the character's private logs.

Read more about this feature on the Recruitment Help: Guild Looking for Players page.

Players Looking for Guild

Users can list their claimed characters for Looking for Guild either through their profile or on the Recruitment page. Setting up your availability, class, spec, language and more will filter you to only match the guilds that fit your criteria and guilds that are also looking for you.

Read more about this feature on the Recruitment Help: Players Looking for Guild page.

New Features

Upon its initial release, the recruitment feature was for Retail only-- but now it is available across all World of Warcraft game versions! As we have worked to expand this feature across other sites, we have also been hard at work making improvements and adjustments to the tool. Here are some of the changes that have been made since the feature's initial release:

  • Contact information is required and will display on the character's home page. You can now link a character profile without missing any recruitment information!
  • Teams are now better supported across the site! Guilds may now assign players to teams from their guild page. These teams will receive estimated progression ranks, and these teams and ranks will appear in recruitment search results! Learn more about the changes to teams here.
  • Recruitment search results can now be sorted by most recent/last updated.
  • Player search results will now show when the player's last progression kill was.

Future Plans

The past few months that we have spent working on our recruitment feature has given us a lot of ideas of how to improve on it in the coming months. There are a lot of exciting updates and features that we have planned, such as additional search filters, guild and player history tracking, and more.

We would love to hear from you! Please share your feedback and suggestions in our Discord or on our Warcraft Logs twitter.

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