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Warcraft Logs Classic: Common Issues

Welcome to Warcraft Logs Classic! This article will go through the most common issues for Classic users. As always, we also recommend joining us on Discord for more specific questions.

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Character Issues

These issues mostly have to do with your individual character. If you have an issue that is not answered here, you'll want to join us on Discord or email and someone will assist you.

Incorrect/Outdated Details on Character Page

If your character page has has outdated information, such as no guild or an old guild, or the wrong level showing, you'll need to go to your regions Blizzard forum (make sure you use the correct language forums that matches your in-game server) and like a post with that Character selected. This will update your Activity page. Then click 'Update' in the top right of your WCL character page.

If the number of bosses killed at the top is wrong, this is also fixed by clicking 'Update' in the top right of your character page.

Rank is "Not Locked In"

New ranks are locked in once per day in 24-hour intervals (the job starts at noon UTC).

Learn about Lock-Ins in the Rankings and Parses article.

There is currently a visual bug where XT-002 can show the 'Not Locked In' permanently. This is purely a visual bug and does not affect rankings.

You can see if a parse is locked in by clicking on that boss. If the lines are past your 'parsing dot', it is locked in.

Missing All Star Points

If you are missing All-Star Points on a bosses, like the picture below, you have to re-export the affected log(s).

Re-exporting means re-processing the log. Anyone can re-export a log, it is a button at the bottom of the rankings page of an uploaded report.

Merge Characters

If you're transferred or renamed (and faction changed) your character, you can get the old and the new character merged so your old logs show on your new character. You'll need the new character page to be created first, which is done by uploading logs of ranked content. On Classic, that means Ulduar, Naxxramas, or a Heroic/Titan Rune dungeon. Character pages are created automatically when a rank is uploaded.

Once your new character page exists, email and include links to your old character page and your new one.

Guild Issues

If you have any issues not solved here, please join us on Discord or email for assistance.

Lost Control of Guild

If you don't have access to your guild as the GM, or someone has taken your in-game guild name, please email with details, and someone will assist you.

'Already a member of the guild'

If you're trying to join your guild on WCL through the join code, and you're getting the error message 'You are already a member of this guild!', but you cannot see the guild in your sidebar, that means your guild is manually managed and the default role is Applicant.

A GM or an Officer needs to promote you to Recruit or higher in the guild settings.

Contact Us

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Please join us on Discord to share any feedback and suggestions, or to ask any questions.

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If you have any support questions, please reach out to our support team at

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