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Wipefest: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope

Last updated: November 22, 2023

Wipefest support for Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope has been live since the raid released, and is already helping guilds everywhere analyse the boss mechanics in their pulls and work out how they can improve their performance and continue progressing.

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Let's dig into some examples of what mechanics Wipefest can automatically analyze for you in Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope!

Amirdrassil starts off by pitting the raid against Gnarlroot. During the intermission, players are required to soak

to become
, allowing them to burn the roots and continue the fight.

Not only does missing a

soak mean you have fewer players to help burn the roots, but it also explodes and does damage to the entire raid. Wipefest can help you by very quickly pointing out if soaks were missed, when they were, and how much avoidable damage was caused by them.

Something that is often hard to do when analyzing damage taken is to account for times when a player simply had no choice but to take the damage. For example, Igira the Cruel's 

always deals damage to its target and then does splash damage around it.

When analyzing mechanics like this, it's important to exclude the damage taken by the targeted players to get a more accurate view of the avoidable damage. Wipefest does this for you automatically.

Another scenario that can be tricky to analyze is when an ability can do varying amounts of damage and is only sometimes dangerous. On Volcoross,

damage nearby players with
. However, this damage increases while the
circle decreases.

In this case, damage while the circle is large is relatively low and unimpactful. Damage while the circle is small, however, is lethal and should be avoided. Wipefest handles this by highlighting only the high-damage ticks of


Sometimes, it's important to look at the total raid damage from an ability instead of the damage individual players took. Urctos on Council of Dreams casts

, which deals damage with
based on how many players were able to soak the charge.

In this scenario, we want to look at how much damage the raid took from each instance of

. Wipefest aggregates this data for us and also lets us see a breakdown of each individual cast.


cannot safely be soaked by the same players two times in a row, it's important to set up two groups to rotate soaking. Wipefest also gives us a breakdown of which players soaked and when.

Larodar has an ability named

. This applies a healing absorb shield to several players. If the shield isn't healed through within 8 seconds, the player becomes stunned by

Wipefest handles this by analyzing how quickly the shields are being healed through and will highlight instances where the shield wasn't removed in time to prevent the stun.

Nymue's second phase requires players to kill the two Cycle Wardens to end the phase and continue the fight. While this is happening, a raid-wide debuff called

stacks higher and higher on the raid, dealing increasing damage.

Wipefest has a quick summary to help you check how high these stacks are going and how long they are lasting, which may help to explain any healing challenges you are feeling in this phase.

During the Smolderon intermission phase, players must each soak 5 small

orbs. If an orb reaches Smolderon he gains a stack of
increases his damage for the rest of the encounter. Letting these orbs reach the boss puts the raid at a significant disadvantage, and Wipefest can quickly highlight when this is happening to help you hone in on any issues.

Sometimes a mechanic is as simple as "don't stand in the fire". Tindral's 

mechanic involves an initial large swirl of fire, followed by lots of moving beams of fire. Good luck! Wipefest can help you check to see if you're getting hit by this more than you should so that you can be prepared for the next pull.

In the final phase of Fyrakk, the raid gains access to several Seeds of Amirdrassil. These seeds can be picked up and used to provide a large healing absorb, but will also erupt in high raid damage if hit by any shadowflame ability. Wipefest can highlight when this happens:

Wipefest then also tracks how much damage the raid takes from

, which is the ability that should be countered by using the
healing absorb ability that the seeds provide.

Keeping your seeds safe so that you can use their

to survive
is key to defeating Fyrakk.

Wrapping Up

This is just a taste of some of the mechanical analysis that Wipefest has to offer, alongside other features such as player scores, event timelines, guides, and multi-pull analysis.

If you get stuck, we have an article of frequently asked questions, as well as a Discord server where you can discuss with other Wipefest users.

You can find me as Yax on Twitter.

Support this tier would not have been possible without emallson, Bitnix, and Essk!

Good luck, have fun!

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