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Wipefest: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible

Wipefest support for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible has been live since the raid released, and is already helping guilds everywhere analyse the boss mechanics in their pulls and work out how they can improve their performance and continue progressing.

Not used Wipefest before and want to learn more about how you can use it to analyze your Warcraft Logs reports? Read How to Improve Your Raid With Wipefest.

Let's dig into some examples of what mechanics Wipefest can automatically analyze for you in Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

Kazzara, The Hellforged

One of the simplest ways that Wipefest can help is by pointing out avoidable damage. For example,

on Kazzara is survivable in isolation but can be deadly if several are overlapped.

The Amalgamation Chamber

The Amalgamation Chamber has several soak mechanics that can be deadly if not handled properly. For example,

is a set of shadowflame bolts that each needs at least one person to soak. Wipefest can automatically summarize which players did and didn't soak on each wave.

The Forgotten Experiments

One mechanic in The Forgotten Experiments that requires balance is

. When dispelled, it spawns an Erratic Remnant that must be killed before it finishes casting
, which deals heavy raid damage. Wipefest can easily show you where the adds were not killed before their casts were completed, as well as how much damage was caused as a result.

If you are struggling with this mechanic, it might be that you are dispelling too often and causing too many adds to spawn, or causing them to spawn at bad times. One analysis method is to load up logs from the kills of other guilds and see how they performed. In particular, Wipefest can show you who had each debuff, how many stacks it reached, and when it was dispelled (spawning an add).

Assault of the Zaqali

The Magma Mystic's in Assault of the Zaqali buff themselves with a

shield that pulses raid damage until the raid manages to damage it down. Wipefest can easily show you how long each shield was active for.

Note that this mechanic had a percentile score of 17. This means that this raid was slower than 83% of other raids when breaking this barrier. Wipefest is highlighting that, if this raid is struggling with its progression, this is a potential point of improvement for a cleaner pull.

Rashok, The Elder

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be: "Do not overlap Lava Vortexes!".

Rashok targets a player for

, leaping to them and spawning a
at their location. If the Lava Vortex overlaps with an existing one, it causes a
that decimates the raid.

Note that Wipefest orders mechanics by their relative importance (which it calculates dynamically based on a large sample of raid performance). Mechanics like these will always appear near the top of the list, and if your raid is scoring low on them, they are often a good point of focus for your next pull.

The Vigilant Steward, Zskarn

One important mechanic to stay on top of when fighting are the

. Raid members need to soak these before they explode, but doing so causes them to take heavy damage over time. Normally tanks are assigned to soak these, but other players with strong defensives can also take them. Wipefest automatically summarizes who is soaking these and when. And of course, it'll also let you know if one of them explodes!


Magmorax is a fairly simple fight, but is a good example to remind us that avoidable damage isn't always avoidable! For example, players targeted by

drop a pool on the ground. When they drop this pool, they always take damage, as well as other players within 10 yards. When analyzing this mechanic, Wipefest is smart enough to remove the unavoidable damage (taken by the targeted players) so that you don't have to!

Echo of Neltharion

Echo of Neltharion presents an interesting mechanic during its last phase. Neltharion casts

, which will kill any player not standing in a
pool when the cast finishes. However, standing in Sundered Reality reduces the damage you deal by 99%. Therefore, the optimal way to handle the mechanic is to stand in Sundered Reality just before Ebon Destruction finishes, and then move out.

Wipefest will analyze both aspects of this mechanic. Remember, if you have to choose one, opt to play it safe and stay in the Sundered Reality longer to avoid dying to Ebon Destruction (not like me in this screenshot)!

Scalecommander Sarkareth

At the start of the fight, Sarkareth debuffs the raid with

, which must be removed before he casts
. One way to remove this is by getting hit by
. However, this makes analyzing who took avoidable damage from Mass Disintegrate difficult. When a player is hit, it is in one of three scenarios:

  1. The player was targeted by Mass Disintegrate.
  2. The player was getting hit on purpose to remove Oppressing Howl.
  3. The player wasn't targeted and had already removed Oppressing Howl.

Only the final scenario is avoidable. However, filtering damage taken like this manually can be tricky and often requires custom code. Luckily, Wipefest can do this work for us and present us with only the events where a player got hit when it was truly avoidable!

Wrapping Up

This is just a taste of some of the mechanical analysis that Wipefest has to offer, alongside other features such as player scores, event timelines, guides, and multi-pull analysis.

If you get stuck, we have an article of frequently asked questions, as well as a Discord server where you can discuss with other Wipefest users.

You can find me as Yax on Twitter.

Support this tier would not have been possible without emallson and Essk!

Good luck, have fun!

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