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LWIW Workshop: How to Use Warcraft Logs

Last updated: November 7, 2022

We had the honor of being featured on one of Liquid Women in Warcraft (LWIW)'s Workshops on how to use Warcraft Logs. This was hosted by our Community and Content Manager Vel, LWIW Interim Lead Adeen and Team Liquid analysts' Telegon and Bart.

Watch the Full Video here:

Liquid Women in Warcraft

It is the mission of Liquid Women in Warcraft to provide a network through which women, non-binary persons, and those belonging to other gender minorities can seek a safe, supportive space with other like-minded people. The collaborative organization will connect gender minorities from all aspects of World of Warcraft gameplay with experts and professionals in the field.

Vel is one of the committee members of LWIW and we are proud to join and highlight such an important cause.

You can check out the LWIW Discord for past and future workshops.

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