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Externals in Dragonflight Season 1

Last updated: December 16, 2022

As Dragonflight Season 1 begins, we wanted to provide an update on how Warcraft Logs is handling

in rankings.

Abilities such as

and other externals have been a hot topic for some time now. Warcraft Logs has polled the community, gathered feedback, and discussed potential options over the course of many months. Due to the nature of the ability, PI has presented a complicated situation with many equally complicated possible solutions.

External Caps

Due to the short and experimental nature of Shadowlands Season 4, we found that it was a good time to test capping excessive external use. We thought this solution worked well, and we want to try it once more in a fresh new expansion and raid. Depending on the feedback we receive, this could be changed in the future.

Following the RWF, we plan to poll once more about handling

and will use those results to help decide on potential changes. For now, you can find the Dragonflight Season 1 external cap ranking rules below. These rules are for both

Cap Rules

Rankings which do not follow these rules will be considered invalid. This can be seen in the Rankings tab of a report.

  • Both

    will be capped. This cap is based on the spell's cooldown.

  • The number of externals received cannot exceed the number of which could be given to one individual by one partner. However, you may receive the buff from more than one player, so long as the number of buffs you receive remains under the cap.

    For example: If a priest were to die midway through the fight, and another priest instead gives you PI, the cap will not trigger and your rank will not be invalidated (so long as it doesn't give more PI uptime than a single priest could provide).

  • Only external buffs received from other players count towards the cap.

    For example: If you are a Shadow Priest and use your PI on yourself, you will not be disqualified when receiving PI from another priest.

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